Stitch Fix Personal Style Service

Stitch Fix Personal Style Service

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I love stitch fix. I look forward to my new fix every month. My stylist really has my likes and style completely figured out. It is also wonderful that I can leave a message to let my stylist know when I need something special. The clothes are always the right size and fit me perfectly. I highly recommend that you give it a try - you will be hooked. I planned on only doing it a month or 2 - 3 years later I'm still enjoying it.

Good Quality This is a very cool mail order type company. They collect your size, style, sends clothes. Upon my first order the clothes were of very nice quality. Some stuff did not fit, and the return feature is really easy as well. Just return what you do not want to keep, and be charged for. Very classy, and a bit pricey, but good stuff.

This is an okay service. I feel like the styles are usually not what I want, even though they claim their stylist try to do their best to give you what you like. Even the cheapest options are also really expensive. I don't think its affordable.

Your Very Own Personal Shopper This is a service which allows you to submit a detailed questionnaire, including lifestyle, affordability, taste. For a $20 fee, you are assigned a fashion consultant who sends you 5 clothing/accesory items for your consideration and approval. The fee can be applied toward purchasing any or all of the items. For someone who hates shopping for and trying on clothes, this is ideal! I ended up buying all 5 items, for a substantial discount, because I loved their selections! You may request periodic or random (on demand) shipments, with delivery on the date you choose. This service is perfect for the busy career woman, the stay-at-home Mom who cannot get out, even the shop-aphobe (like me!). Try it!