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  • SandyEggo By  SandyEggo    

    Very Glittery

    Not a great Stila product and an okay gloss. I found the gloss to be sticky and the smell/taste to be not so great. I wasn't a fan of the colors, they are too glittery and only the glitter stay after the gloss has worn off. I received these as a gift and it would not be something I would buy for myself.

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  • Shannon17 By  Shannon17    

    I got one for free with one of my purchases from roxy. I love the pen applicator it's easy to apply,I just found it very sticky. I really don't like sticky glosses. I used a lip stick or like a chubby stick or baby lips under it and it wasn't as sticky I love the colors and the way it looks on just not the consistency. I'm not sure if it's worth the price.

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  • ladyace74 By  ladyace74    

    I love the pen type applicator. It is easy to use and clean, along with allowing you to distributes the product nice and evenly. The only downside of this type of applicator is that you only get a small amount of product and sometimes you can over-twist and too much product comes out. This sweet scented lip glaze is slightly sticky upon application and last for a bit. The gloss is a soft peach nude tint with shimmer. The glossy shine last about 10 minutes after application and then disappears. Overall, it is a nice gloss to wear over a stain/lipstick or by itself. I have used the Apricot flavored lip glaze.

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  • iheartbrains By  iheartbrains    

    Love this gloss!! Beautiful colors, lightly scented, and great format/applicator. Yes, a bit sticky but so pretty! I have a handful of colors.

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  • meditationmama By  meditationmama    

    This stuff is pretty darn awesome. My daughter likes it too.

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  • meme720 By  meme720    

    i love is

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  • skylola123 By  skylola123    

    Still on the fence about this lip gloss. Yes it is very sticky but the power is pretty amazing. They have a fruity scent to them but they are so expensive. I would suggest buying this item around Christmas time or sometimes Ulta/Sephora have them in packs of 3 for about $12.00. I can live without this item, there are other alternatives that are not as expensive.

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  • AlwaysForever By  AlwaysForever    

    Sticky and a tad bit drying but long lasting. Look for value set around the holidays where you can get 8 for the price of one!

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    This wasn't the exact kit I got, but a lot of the colors in this kit are the same in mine, like kitten. Loved them. But they just run out too quickly ... I wish there was more product. Smells good too.

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  • centrej By  centrej    

    This is one of my favorite sets because it has COLOR! I'm fine with the nude ones, but I love seeing the colorful lip glazes. The neat part is they are small enough for a purse and last for awhile.

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  • toofaced By  toofaced    

    I absolutely love these! I only have three right now so I have to get more!

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  • pokergirl By  pokergirl    

    This is a really good lipgloss. I have it it Brown Sugar and its a great color for me. I do agree that it is a bit sticky but I don't mind it either. I'm almost out and need to get some more.

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  • alextorres258 By  alextorres258    

    I love this lip gloss! It's my favorite <3!!!!!! It is a bit sticky, but I really dont mind. Stila is amazing!! I got a pack of 8 for $20 at costco! These normally sell each for about $23 at sephora, but I got 8 colors for the amazing price of 20 bucks. They all compliment my porcelain doll skin tone! The gloss is very shiny and pretty, with a little color. It came with: -Plum fairy(my fave) -Candy -Cranberry -Blackberry -Pinkle Twinkle -Starfruit -Kitten (award-winning shade) -Marmalade I would totally recommend this to a friend!

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