Steve Harvey Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

Steve Harvey Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

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Be in the Know....Before You Go This is an excellent book. I loved Steve's perspective and how to avoid those pitfalls of dating. The advice Steve gives is solid. It is good to know upfront how to handle a situation before it happens

Excellent tips to consider while amongst the dating. Helped me set standards and requirements for potentials.

Love this book, after I seen the movie, i Had to buy the book. Everything stated in the book is true. I recommend it to everyone, if you want a little laugh, and if you want a healthy relationship.

Great read

Every woman engaged in or entering the dating scene should read this book. Steve Harvey discloses truths that take men years to understand about themselves and the women who love them, much longer. I am so glad he made this book available to us!

I really enjoyed this book. It made you just sit there and think wow why do we expect men to do this or that when they are not wired to think that way what so ever. Some of it I already knew but a lot of it was very eye opening and really made sense once you read it on paper. I also like how he didn't sugar coat anything and just straight up information.

my mom bought this book for me when i was going through a difficult time with my ex. it explained a lot of his behaviors and helped me to realize the relationship wasn't going anywhere. i'm so much happier now without that drama in my life and i have a better understanding of what to look out for in the future.

I'm 58 and my daughter is 39 so it' too late for us, (married). But what I would have given to have had his advice when I was younger! I recommend this book highly to a young woman going out into the dating scene.

i would love to read this book it sounds interesting

Haven't read it, but am dying to. Heard everything good about this book.

i read the book and passes it over to more than 5 friends it was the talk at work and email

This book is the best book i have ever read. I am a 29 year old divorced African- american women. I just recently got back with my ex-husband and we went shopping for a suite for church and we came across the best book in my world. i have been reading the Steve Harvey Act like a lady Think like a man. Steve harvey really tells us women how it is in a man's world. I would advise every couple to read the book together, also single women read the book with a study group of your friends. This book is Great.

I love how he does not sugar coat anything.

regardless of race, age, nationality, this book speaks to all!! i couldn't put this book truly gave me insight on men & relationships in general. this book gave me the courage to exit & stay away from an unhealthy, dead relationship!!!

I have read this and it was extremely informative.Its true, that men are reluctant to admit to it's relevance, but its worth it for the woman who cant seem to get the results you want from a man. Also, read In The Meantime, by Iyanla Vanzant, its a great followup.