Stephen King 11/22/63

Stephen King 11/22/63

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I read my first Stephen King book waaayyy back in the 5th grade (28yrs ago) after sneaking it out of my mom's bookcase, and I have been hooked since. With every author we have favorite books, and this has now become one of my favorite Stephen King books. There were a few times in the past few years where I felt that maybe Stephen had lost his way a little. Not that I didn't enjoy his books, because I always do; but they just didn't have that "feel". If you're a King fan, I think you'll know what I mean. He has really found his way back with this one. Jake Epping, an English teacher gets an amazing opportunity--go back to November 22, 1963 and save the life of John F. Kennedy. What an extraordinary opportunity, right? All choices have consequences, a lesson that Jake must learn in a way you will not soon forget.

Another masterpiece. Amazing detail and characters. King transports us in time and makes the reader believe in the power to influence history. Our daily actions do play a large part in the world's future. King's imagination and writing style always leaves me in awe. Yes, the book is long, but you will get lost in the pages and forget all else. This was a great read and King rarely disappoints.

This book, just like all of his others, is amazing. It takes you on a journey through the past and shows the consequences of how changing 1 small thing in time affects the future. It makes you wonder how different the world would be if certain events in history had never happened. I am always amazed by King's imagination.