Stephanie Meyer The Host

Stephanie Meyer The Host

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The host page turner Huge Stephanie Myer fan she's brilliant I would compare her to R.L. Stine would definitely read this again couldn't put it down Stephanie Myer is a genius

If only the movie had shown the scene in which all the different planets and creatures that Wanderer had been through in detail. This book was a far cry from her Twilight series, but much better written with even better main characters.

Stephanie Meyer, creator of the "The Host" lives up to her reputation as one of the best new authors on the block. Compelled from the moment I picked up the book I couldn't set it down until I was finished.

I'm so excited for the movie to come out!! I have been waiting for almost seven years to see the becoming success of these books! I love the Author Stephanie Meyers. I think she is really great with these books especially the first book!

It was good but doesn't compare to the Twilight Saga written by this author! It does have a good plot, but I just couldn't connect with this as much as the Twilight series

I love to read a good YA book even though I am definitely not YA. This book was so bad! I made it 3/4 the way though and stopped.

I just started to read comment just yet.

I love this author, so I gave this book a shot. I loved it. It was very creative and this is a book that I would pick up again. I have yet to see the movie but I hear all good things so perhaps I shall give it a try. But over all this book is really worth reading.

i never read the book all the way through. my friend whom i borrowed it from took it back before i could finish. however, the movie was AMAZING! I watched it three times this week!

Really great book. It was a lot of fun to read it and have our 13 year old read it after me. We got to discuss some of the deeper points and was interesting enough to keep both of our attention.

I was excited to see another book by Stephanie Meyer out, and I love how I get drawn in with her simple, yet interesting style. I still prefer, however, her Twilight series :)

Good read. Can't wait for the movie!

One of my favorite books! It by far exceeds the Twilight series in creativity, plot and overall enjoyment.


I tried really hard to read this book a few years ago, but couldn't get through first few pages.But now the movie is coming out and it seems like an interesting storyline. I am going to watch the movie and depending on that give the book another try!