Step 2 Children's Easel

Step 2 Children's Easel

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Great for all ages! Love this! Really well made as my 2 year old has knocked it down and jumped on it & it's still standing! I love the places to store your chalk/markers/ect! Worth the price & a lot nicer than any other easels I've seen! My 2 year old loves it but I have just as much fun drawing on it with him!

Well made & love the storage draws I have 2 of these. One at my house and one at my moms for when we are there. My 2 youngest are Irish twins so its convenient its double sided yet fights still happen. It's very versatile and can be used with chalk, marker, and paint. It has 4 large draws to store your art supplies.

Perfect for young kids I bought this for my son when he was 1. He's 3 and still loves it! It's just a great way to help keep arts & crafts in one spot & not all over your tables or walls.

As far as these easels go there are several things I love, such as the wide variety of mediums your child can use with them, such as chalk, markers, crayons and more. Also several easels have a magnet board which is great for alphabet letters and learning sign words or animals depending on which magnets you purchase. What I dont like is there not adjustable so you typically cant use them beyond a certain age, also there made of cheap plastic and break easily, other than that I really think its great for creative fun and learning.

Step 2 I love this. We bought it last year for my daughter for Christmas. She has a blast with it. It's so cute and creative and it doesn't take up a lot of space. It's very durable as well. Great product!

Kids love this easel. It is great to use for painting, letters, or to play school. It is also an easel that can be used throughout the years as your child grows.

Love this! My daughters have had this since age 3 and my oldest is now 6 and still uses it everyday! She loves to pretend shes a teacher. One side is a dry erase board that is magnetic and the other side is a chalk board. And love the shelf to hold their chalk and dry erase markers!

This is AWESOME for us. I have two girls, therefore one can use one side and the other can use the other side. And when they get bored, they switch! Awesome for rainy days spent inside the house.

Playing with this easel never gets old. Dry erase on one side, chalk board on the other. All three children have been entertained with this easel for years! I don't see it leaving our house for years to come!

My girls just love their Easel. The best part is that it is double sided so they can play with it together and no fighting~!

This is such a great item, a classic from my own childhood! I love that there's a chalkboard and dry erase board, and clips on both sides so you have the option of hanging paper on either side to draw/color/paint! there's a tool tray on both sides AND a good sized tray in the middle (inside) to store your items! It's pretty sturdy, my 2 yr old climbed in to hide one time and the thing didn't budge

My daughter has this easel. She loves it. It has a grease board on one side, and a chalk board on the other side. I recommend this for children who know not to color with markers on the chalkboard side. :)

great way for children to display their artwork while minimizing mess

my daughter is only one, but she loves to use the chalkboard. The paper clip dosen't hold paper...

Perfect for kids, they can both play at the same time without fighting!!! We do our alphabet letters with the magnets and with the chalk!! Good and fun way to learn!!