Stella McCartney Stella Perfume

Stella McCartney Stella Perfume

              Rated #21 in Fragrance
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it has a light scent which isn't overwhelming. i wear it almost everyday i really like it.

Ugh, my favorite perfume of all time! It's a little expensive but, it's worth every penny. Just don't let anyone get their hands on it or you'll be purchasing a second bottle sooner than you'd like.

My daughter loves this perfume. I borrowed hers a couple of times and really liked it and would love to have some of my own to use and test on others.

i heard its a great smell i want to try it

I generally go for more fruity, crisp fragrances, but when I smelled Stella I was immediately entranced. The hint of rose is just a gorgeous scent - when I put on this perfume, I feel pretty.

This is a perfume for a woman, not a teenager. It is sexy, provocative but not overpowering. It is a masterful mix of citris top notes (mandarin orange, grapefruit and perhaps tangerine) with middle notes of freesia, jasmine and perhaps peony with a dry-down of musk but its overall impression is lush, fragrant romantic roses. It lasts better than most and just seems to envelope you in a warm, rosy, feel-good envelope of scent that seems to draw men in close to cuddle and kiss. What more you could want in a fragrance.

I bought this perfume for my sister and wish I had kept it for myself. It really is a great smell...not too strong but enough for people to comment on how nice it is.

I've only ever found it at Sephora, though I'm sure you could find it somewhere else Googling.

I love Stellas's fashions and I had never heard of it before I logged on tonight. I will have to find this scent!