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Staycation vs. Vacation: How Do You De-Stress?

Staycation vs. Vacation: How Do You De-Stress?

There’s nothing like getting away from the every day stresses of work and chores for a few days. Whisking away to a tropical island or road tripping across the country definitely has their pluses, but for some enjoying a little staycation at home can be just as enjoyable, and in some cases even less stressful than traveling.

Though traveling to new places can be a thrill, getting there during the busy summer travel season can be the stuff of nightmares. Taking a staycation offers less stress in this department, and with a small amount of planning can be exciting too.

A USA Weekend report offers some tips on how to enjoy a staycation, like seeing your community through the eyes of a tourist by planning ahead to attend special attractions and events. There are probably plenty of local places you have always wanted to check out but never had the time.

If you’re really looking for a little R&R it’s also important to make sure you cut ties from work and stay away from doing too many chores or running errands during your days off. Editor-in-Chief of, Teresa Mears, explains, “It’s all about your attitude. If you treat a staycation as a true vacation, then it will feel like one.”

If you happen to be planning a staycation this summer you’re not alone. A Yahoo Finance poll finds that more than 33% of respondents will be taking a staycation at some point this summer for a number of reasons including the desire to save money, work on projects around the house, and attend local sites and activities.

What do you think of the staycation versus vacation? Which do you think is more relaxing and enjoyable?

Share your summer travel or staycation plans!

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  • puckerbutt By puckerbutt

    I like both vacations and staycations. My vacations tend to be more planned and farther from home. Staycations are a wonderful way to explore my city and surrounding area for less money.

  • phyll58 By phyll58

    I love staycations. Had 12 days off at the beginning of the month with hubby and we went all over the state. Tried new restaurants, shopped at stores we hadn't been to before, and just relaxed. Nice not to have to get to bed at a certain time/get up with an alarm. I work from home so it's great to be able to check emails/mail for just 15 minutes a day (I limit myself so it is a true vacation). We're able to take care of our pets as well.Lots less stress than having someone stay at the house, water the garden, etc. And I notice when we travel and then come home it's a day or two at home and then back to work/chores/housework. No packing/unpacking, traffic, etc. Home Sweet Home.We had company and were able to stay up super late which is a biggie since we're up at 5 every morning.

  • kfraccio By kfraccio

    I like both......Vacations away are fun, but it is also nice to just relax sometimes.

  • poetry626 By poetry626

    We have a staycations coming up we will be going to sixflags cant wait will be the frist time the whole family goes togather.

  • Misskijik By Misskijik

    We are not able to plan our days off in advance this year so we are doing mini stay cations. Luckily we live in NY so we will do a visit to the Statue of Liberty, The Bronx Zoo, the beach and the many state parks that are within an hour drive away. Mommy could use a few days alone but I will have to wait a few years for that.

  • iamfor48nascar By iamfor48nascar

    Staycation definitely!! I can reorganize my home, decorate, spring clean etc. I don't mind sitting home with a good book!

  • kbaby05 By kbaby05

    well i would love a vacation but being tight on money a staycation works for me.

  • logansmommy0611 By logansmommy0611

    I like both. I kind of like staycation better though because I really love being home and that way I do not have to worry about my son not being able to sleep because he wants his room and his toys or about the person watching my dogs. I also like it because it saves money and we are tight on money right now

  • sharon3377 By sharon3377

    there is no place like home,eat and drink what you watch,watch movies in bed,and relax,and sleep and get up anytime you want.

  • kahmas By kahmas

    Camping is what we have been doing this year. We got hit by a drunk driver last year and my husband is still recovering so no long vacations for us. Looking forward to when we can travel out of state again.

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