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  • NaturalHairLatina By  NaturalHairLatina    

    T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool meet all expectations. The stainless steel serrated blade, seat belt cutter, 5 lumen led light and spring loaded steel tip window punch is the must have tool. Blade has a nice clean cut. Light feature is small but, powerful and located on the side of blade. I did not try the seat belt cutter or window punch. SAMPLE FEEDBACK How satisfied were you with the following aspects of product? Very satisfied Packaging Neutral-Standard Overall Very satisfied Retail: $59.99- $39.99 Pros: Stainless Steel Multifunctional-led light, window punch, seat cutter . . etc Nice Grip Sharp Blade Cons: Minor contact issue on light. Best uses: Emergency Hunting Fishing Utility Tool Personal Safety My thoughts: Impressed with the multifunctional tool and quality of craftsmanship. Also, the customer service team is helpful. I would recommend to friends family.

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