Starbucks Via Flavored Ready Brew Coffee

Starbucks Via Flavored Ready Brew Coffee

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Absolutely Amazing It has a taste that is sweet and smooth! Even if you add sugar or cream you can still taste the flavor of coffee!

Amazing! I had my doubts about these because I have never found an instant pack coffee to be good. And these tend to run expensive but I liked the idea of them and the convenience and so tried them. They are amazing! They taste just like a brewed Starbucks coffee and I have no idea how this is so much better than all the other instant pack coffees but it is. I love it!

I am a huge fan of anything starbucks these are great in a pinch i prefer the flavored ones over the coffee alone, just recently tried the white chocolate mocha and it is wonderful closest thing to the cafe drink.

Great brewed coffee alternative. Like it hot, iced, or blended!

I love in-store Starbucks coffee, but the Via packs are disgusting. I never liked instant coffee, and these packets taste like liquid mud. I don't think starbucks has mastered the brew-free coffee yet.

Excellent quality. Perfect for when you are on the go.

I don't drink the coffee flavored Via but can't live without the Starbucks Refreshers green tea flavored options. I have at least one a day of either the citrus, berry or strawberry lemonade. They quench my thirst, satisfy my craving and taste great! My only problem is keeping my grandchildren from drinking the whole bottle once they see that I have one made. :-) (note: I add a bit more water than it calls for as otherwise the flavor is a bit too strong. This makes it even more delicious and a bit more in my bottle as well)

Tastes almost as good as a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee. I would buy these if they were reasonably priced.

I love these!!! anywhere you go as long as you can provide hot water or iced water, your good to go! Perfect for those emergency pick me ups!

It was good, but expensive.

this is perfect for on the go and even better is that it doesn't taste instant at all I use this hot and cold all the time

love it, not a huge fan of the ready to go single serve coffee packs but this is my favorite. i put a little more water than is recommended on the instructions. i feel like price point on this is a little high but it is worth it

The only instant brand I will drink. I prefer regular coffee but these are good in emergency/travel situations. Also good to add to iced coffee drinks for that extra flavor.

This instant blend of finely ground coffee and instant granules is great for travel. No more terrible hotel room coffee...just carry it in your "go bag" and use hot water! Great product from Starbucks!

This was not what i expected. Just like mommaknows i was hoping for the flavor from Starbucks. I did not care for this much at all. I tried the Vanilla and i think i still have the remaining in my pantry after trying one. I'm sure they're expired by now, ready to be thrown out.