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  • jenniferenee12 By  jenniferenee12    

    This is a wonderful supplement for energy, especially if you are wanting a cold beverage. I highly recommend it on those sweltering summer days.

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  • SSolo01 By  SSolo01    

    Tastes good, but falls short

    The Starbucks refreshers tastes good, but doesn't do much for helping increase ones energy. I tried Starbucks Refreshers because it claimed to provide an energy boost ,due to the green coffee beans and ginseng. This is not a good alternative to Red Bull, and won't help give you an energy boost. I would skip buying this if that's what your primary goal is. The price point is also a bit high.

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  • gennseng By  gennseng    

    Very tasty. I loved the energy boost and it was simple with great taste. Much better than a soda.

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  • sefeinman By  sefeinman    

    Great taste, Great pick me up, no crashing

    This is my second GO TO ENERGY DRINK. I fear I will be forever addicted to the bull- but this is next in line! I love the strawberry flavor-I don't taste much of the lemonade. It is not an overpowering taste like other energy drinks. It seems a little bit lighter. Of course I love that it is carbonated. I have found that their are usually coupons for this drink-sometimes on sale at the grocery store. But I rarely find them on sale at convenience stores. But that could just be my location. Either way-the cost is similar to other energy drinks. Aside from the taste and "pick me up"- I don't really "crash" from this. Which is really nice because most drinks like this make you feel so tired after a couple hours.

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  • Amberrs32380 By  Amberrs32380    

    Really good flavor for an energy drink. Great mid afternoon pick me up.

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  • crazy4candles By  crazy4candles    

    These were surprisingly delicious. I had a coupon for one and figured I would give it a try, Best decision EVER! I love the carbonation and the fruity flavors and it really did feel like it put some pep in my step.

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  • Kaylanoland By  Kaylanoland    

    It's a great energy drink that won't make you feel bad later just doesn't taste too great.

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  • tdouglas861 By  tdouglas861    

    Awsome healthy energy boost without any sugar crash or shakes

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