Starbucks  Ice Cream

Starbucks Ice Cream

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Crey perfection This stuff is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS!! I know no restraints when it comes to Starbuck Ice god.. The texture, the aroma, the lingering all adds up to a very satisfyng treat. I like to eat it Italian style and make affogato. ( means "drowned" ) One scoop of Ice Cream and one hot shot of Espresso...that'll light yer fuse ;)

Yum! Yum that looks good! Doubt we have it where I'm from though. :(

never had this, but looks good.

Absolutely delicious but a little pricey. Has a great coffee flavor.

One of the best ice cream ever! I wish they had more variety as the leading brands have.

The Java Chip is delicious!

This was love at first bite! My favorite is the caramel oh my god it's just as good as the drink. I can't find it often so it's a very rare treat sadly.

Love this... the coffee flavor is amazing! It is a bit pricey, but if you catch a good sale and have a coupon - YAY!

Love this ice cream. Yum!

I wish I hated this... because it loves me. It is soooo gooood. I love to eat it, put a scoop in the blender with my frappe or put it on a cone... I just love this ice cream so much. The caramel sauce is divine and the ice cream is soooo creamy. Warning: It's a high-calorie addiction waiting to happen.

What more can i say!? but YUMMY!

I Love this ice cream I am a Starbucks fanatic so this is right on point with me. I recommended to my friends and now we buy the store out when we go. And yes it is a little expensive but I feel it is worth it.

Java chip is my favorite, but way too expensive!

I would give this product 5 stars for flavor - very good, but it is way overpriced.

They used to carry Mud Pie and then restructured their flavor concepts into Frappuccino and Hot Chocolate instead. The new ones are ok, but I really really miss Mud Pie. (Coffee ice cream, fudge swirls and oreo cookie pieces).