Sprite Zero

Sprite Zero

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Good product I absolutely love Sprite Zero. Tastes just like the original but without all the carbs and sugar and calories in it. This is a great alternative for people wanting to cut back on sugar.

I love Sprite, so when I'm counting calories, I find that Sprite Zero hits the spot!

I am trying to drop pounds every chance I get! And,this is 1 of the things that helps me to do that! I love the taste! Perfect for me! I love it! My kids,that's another story! Lol! I haven't tried it on them yet! I want to keep it all for myself! Lol!

This is always in my refrigerator!! Even though it's a calorie free soda, the taste is still there for me and that is very important for me. It's a soda I drink often and if you're looking to cut down calories but still have your favorite drink, this is it right here!

With celiac, it's one of the few carbonated beverages I can actually drink. Refreshing, thirst quenching, and tastes just like regular sprite to me!

Doesn't taste too artificial. Refreshing.

I like it.

very good and tates refreshing!

My favorite drink is diet coke but sometimes i like something different and this is really refreshing. it doesn't leave a taste in your mouth like some sodas do. very good.


Didn't go well with my stomach

If I am going to buy diet soda this is my go to. Especially with an upset stomach or a hot day of shopping. It is light and refreshing

OMG it taste like real sprite. Losing nothing... except the calories lol

lite crisp and refreashing

this soda is so good i drink it almost daily..i bake cakes and cupcakes with it a 12oz can added to ur favorite cake mix is so good and a looot less calories than a regular cake!! u just replace the egg and oil with can of soda and mix it together then bake. its still nice and moist and fluffy and yoou would never even know it was made with soda!!