Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Tara Pittman of Mom Knows Best

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 23, 2015

Tara Pittman is a stay-at-home mom of four boys and one girl, ages 7, 8, 15, 20 and 25. She turned her blog Mom Knows Best into a part-time job to be there for her kids. She's a committed SheSpeaks member and has worked on several SheSpeaks campaigns including Bounty, The Power of the Heart, L'Oreal and Torani campaigns.

We recently sat down to get to know her better, and here is what we found out, in her own words.

Where you can find me: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest - YouTube - Google Plus

I live in…. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

My niche is… I love writing about food, beauty products and kid products.

I write when…..When the kids are in school and at night while everyone is watching TV.

How has blogging changed my life:  It gives me a fun way to try new products and earn some extra money while having fun.

A brand I have loved working with: MorningPep

When did I start blogging: I started when my youngest started school.

How I see the future of blogging/social media: I see more companies seeing that bloggers can promote products just as well as a TV ad.

Where I work: I work on my couch in the family room.

I am connected…. Every free moment I have as I enjoy blogging.

When I’m stressed, I….. I go running.

My favorite gadget is…. My laptop.

My favorite travel destination is…. Disney World.

My favorite clothing brand is… I don’t have a favorite brand.

I do all my shopping…. At Amazon.

My favorite TV shows: I don’t watch TV.

My favorite movie: Don’t have one in mind.

Coffee or tea: Coffee all the way.

I love…. Cooking, baking, and review products.

I dream about…. Going to a tropical island.

Where you can find my writing:

What else I do: I run and do races with my teenager son.

Causes I've worked with and made a difference via blogging about: Last year my son had to get his tonsils and adenoids removed due to sleep apnea. What we thought was a bad winter cough was really severe sleep apnea. I blogged about the whole experience so other parents would learn through my son’s experience including what to expect from the surgery and healing as I had a hard time finding any info that I needed online.


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OhSheGotCakez by OhSheGotCakez | LORAIN, OH
Sep 23, 2015

I love cooking, baking and reviewing as well. My kind of mom!