Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Maria Castro of Tough Cookie Mommy

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 20, 2014

Maria Castro is a working mom to 2 boys, and Reading Specialist to NYC middle school students. She blogs about family, parenting, education, and being a mom in the inner city over at Tough Cookie Mommy. We caught up with her to find out more about her life and here is what we found out, in her own words.
Where you can find me on social media: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Google Plus
I started blogging in....2009.
How blogging has changed my life: Blogging has totally changed my life and the lives of my family. It has allowed us to experience events and meet people who we might not have met otherwise. Personally, it has allowed me to connect with other mothers and people all over the world which has enriched my life immensely.
I live in…. Bronx, NY.
My niche is…Family/Lifestyle.
I write when….The kids go to sleep.
Where I work: New York City Department of Education.
I am connected…. On almost all social media platforms.
When I’m stressed…..I talk a lot.
My favorite gadget is…. My new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
My favorite travel destination is…. Portugal.
My favorite clothing brand is… The GAP.
Brands I have loved working with: JCPenney, Cricket Wireless, Pampers
I love working with brands because...It allows me to have input into the products and services that families use daily. A successful campaign is one where I am able to share products and authentic experiences that my family has had with these products with my readership.
I do all my shopping….At JCPenney.
My favorite TV shows:  Hoarders, The Real Housewives Series, Law & Order Victims Unit.
My favorite movie:  Dirty Dancing.
Coffee or tea:  Coffee!
I love….  My sons ages 7 and 10.
I dream about…. Being debt-free.
What else I do:  I'm a mother, wife, Literacy Specialist, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Blogger, Leukemia Survivor.

Causes I am passionate about: As an educator, I am extremely passionate about education. Working with inner city children has allowed me to view the disparities in education within different communities through a unique lens. It is important to me that all children and young people have access to a good education and that they be armed with the tools to compete academically and professionally.
My latest She Speaks post:
How I see the future of social media and blogging: I think that print media and advertising, as we know it, will become almost entirely obsolete. Blogging and social media will become the way to share and disseminate information about anything from products to parenting, especially to families across the country and world.

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tiglesia by tiglesia | BRONX, NY
Jun 03, 2014

Love reading Meme's but hate filling them out myself! Congrats on being featured! Hope to see you at a local event soon! :-)

LadydeeLG by LadydeeLG | ASTORIA, NY
Feb 25, 2014

I love Maria and how she connects to people. I also love the uplifting and inspiring content she shares with her readers, especially on her Facebook page! If you're not following her now, go do it!!

Toughcookiemommy by Toughcookiemommy | BRONX, NY
Feb 22, 2014

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and your support. It all really means the world to me. :)

amandaripsam by amandaripsam | OTSEGO, MI
Feb 22, 2014

Hi, I'm proud of you, great job. we seem to have a lot in common you have great answers.

sorayasarcos by sorayasarcos | BROOKLYN, NY
Feb 21, 2014

Such an inspiration!

mommiesbabysunshine by mommiesbabysunshine | FAYETTEVILLE, NC
Feb 21, 2014

Hi Maria!!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments! I LOVE JC Penney's, Law & Order SVU, Dirty Dancing and of course coffee to! :)

2justByou by 2justByou | Sacramento, CA
Feb 21, 2014

So proud to know Maria as she is one of many great bloggers I have met since I myself started blogging. I really enjoyed reading this spotlight and joining this community that's completely new to me. That's what Maria does...She shares great information and creates a real sense of community.

BBabushka by BBabushka | CRAWFORDVILLE, FL
Feb 21, 2014

As part of Maria's online community I don't know how she does it all- and does it all well!! I enjoy the topics she brings up and how she maintains engagement. Looking forward to more great info in 2014.

Toughcookiemommy by Toughcookiemommy | BRONX, NY
Feb 20, 2014

Hi, Kay. I'm not sure why they changed their selling strategy but I'm sure it had something to do with the economic fluctuations. I personally enjoy their product selection and have always found their prices to be reasonable. Of course, that is only my humble opinion as a consumer. Thanks for the feedback.

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Feb 20, 2014

Hi Maria! Not sure you'll see this cause you are probably at work in the classroom at this time, but just in case: you have such a unique perspective on JCPenney both from the brand side and from the consumer side! A few years ago they embarked on a fixed price campaign, moving away from the Sale! Sale! Sale! culture enveloping USA merchants. But now it seems they are going back to it...why do you think the fixed price strategy failed and do you think it can succeed at any US mass merchant?

hollyshespeaks by hollyshespeaks | LARCHMONT, NY
Feb 20, 2014

Maria sounds like such a force. As a working mom, it's always good to read how other moms can manage so much.