Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger: Holly Storm of Southern Mom Loves

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 30, 2016

Holly Storm of the blog Southern Mom Loves is a  coffee­-addicted, crafting, cooking, beauty­-loving, dress­-drooling, shoe-coveting, DIY­-do-or-die, modern Southern mom of two who tries to learn something new every day. Her family loves to play together, travel, and try new things and she blogs all about it.

Holly recently worked on our P&G campaign, and we we loved working with her. We wanted to get to know her better, and this is what we found out, in her own words.

Where you can find me on social media: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram - YouTube

I live in… Jackson, Tennessee, but I hope to be moving back to Memphis soon. I miss that city!

My niche is… Family Lifestyle. I love to write about anything that interests me. Cool job, huh?

I write when... Ever I can. I’m a wife and mom of two, so when I can steal time to write, I take it.

How has blogging changed my life... I love to feel like I’m helping people; Showing them something new or giving them another perspective. The positive aspect of that feels really good day to day.

A brand I have loved working with is…There are lots of brands that I’ve had positive experiences with, but the ones I love the most are the brands who give back and make a positive impact on communities.

I started blogging in… February of 2014 and still going strong.

The blogging landscape changed… The day the music died? I think it’s changing all the time. The way people communicate online is evolving constantly and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

How I see the future of blogging/social media... I see it getting even bigger and more specialized. It combines skills like writing, photography, videography, graphic arts, and marketing, and Bloggers are getting more creative by the day. Video is getting big and I think it will only get bigger from here.

Where I work... Mostly from my desk, but occasionally on the couch.

I am connected… When I have to be. I try to balance my online and offline time as much as I can, which gets dicey when your job is web-based.

When I’m stressed, I... Get everything done that can be done. Having work or errands hanging over my head makes me stressed, so I power through to get it out of the way so I can relax.

My favorite gadget is… My Macbook Pro.

My favorite travel destination is… There are lots of places on my Bucket List, but I loved the St. Thomas & St. John islands. The views were incredible.

My favorite clothing brand is… I don’t favor one brand. Whatever fits in with my style is fair game.

I do all my shopping… Online if I can, with reluctance if I can’t.

My favorite TV shows... Sherlock, Dr. Who, The Walking Dead, OITNB, American Horror Story, Stranger Things, The Last Kingdom, Arrested Development, Master Chef. It’s so funny, I rarely watched TV and never followed a show until I got Netflix. I think I might need a detox.

My favorite movie... I can’t pick just one, but I most recently watched The Painted Veil. Beautiful.

Coffee or tea... Coffee!

I love… Everyone. Lots. Pass it on.

I dream about… Travel. My mom was a world-traveler, and it’s been my lifelong dream to explore the world and experience other cultures. I’ve been to a few cool places, but I’m still dreaming of the rest.

Where you can find my writing..., Mom It Forward, and BlogHer.

What else I do... I’ve had a few fun career specialties, but I’m always learning and looking for the next path in life.

I’ve worked with and made a difference via blogging about… Hopefully about women’s wellness issues that are sometimes hard to talk about. I like to face these issues openly and without stigma or judgement in the hope that women will hear that and talk openly to other women. We’re all in this together, ladies. You never know who is going through the same thing and might be afraid to ask for help or advice.

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HollySouthern by HollySouthern | JACKSON, TN
Aug 31, 2016

Thanks so much for featuring me!