Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Ellen Schmidt of Baby Meets City

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 06, 2014

Ellen Schmidt has been hauling a stroller on the subway since 2009. Mama to 2 little girls, she enjoys writing about the many joys (and frustrations!) of living in NYC with kids. She records all her experiences on Baby Meets City. She is also a social media consultant. We caught up with her to find out more about her life and here is what we found out, in her own words:
Where you can find me on social media: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest
I live in…. New York City (Manhattan) 
My niche is… The parenting space/urban living with kid
I started blogging in...2009, two months before my first child was born.
The highlight of my blogging career has been... Meeting Tina Fey at a press junket for the movie "Admission." I loved that a group of bloggers were given such close access to the actors and director -- that recognition was important and meant a lot to me. And meeting Tina Fey was, well, amazing.
I write when….. My daughters are FINALLY asleep! And occasionally during Doc McStuffins.
Where I work: My desk, the couch, waiting in line at the grocery store.
I am connected…. A bit too much online. A goal for 2014 is learning how to disconnect/unplug more.
When I’m stressed...I go for the nearest bar of chocolate.
My favorite gadget is….My iPad.
My favorite travel destination is…. Wow... so many choices. I'd have to say Italy.
My favorite clothing brand is… I don't really have a favorite. Anything that's comfortable and classic, yet doesn't scream "Mom."
I do all my shopping…. Online, for the most part
A brand I have loved working with: I enjoy working with brands that I love and use in my every day life. I'm more than happy to help spread the word about a product when it's one that I find useful or well made. And if the company is doing awesome things behind-the-scenes, all the better.
My favorite TV shows: The Mindy Project, Orange is the New Black, The Newsroom
My favorite movie: Another tough one! I love Sense and Sensibility.
Coffee or tea: COFFEE.
I love…. My family and friends. And coffee.
I dream about…. That which cannot be repeated here. Kidding! I honestly rarely have a dream that I can remember the next morning. Is that weird?
Where else you can find my writing:  Savvy Source and (coming soon), Pop Sugar Moms.
What else I do: Social media consulting, review NYC-based children's literature, in early stages of writing children's book
Where I see the future of Social Media: I'm no fortune teller, but I see the future of social media going more and more towards video content and interaction on mobile devices.


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