Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Brittany Shaw of A Spark of Creativity

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 20, 2015

Brittany Shaw runs the blog A Spark of Creativity. Her blog focuses on lifestyle and home decor with the occassional delicious recipe and craft in the mix. She's the busy working mother of 3 little ones ages 1,4 and 5 and her life is always chaotic. She's addicted to remodeling, chai tea lattes, her ipad and watching Netflix. She says she's your everyday fun loving girl that just loves to blog with the world.

Brittany is an active member of our community, having most recently worked on our HopeLine/Verizon campaign creating awareness for domestic violence.

We wanted to learn more about Brittany, so we recently interviewed her and here's what we found out.

Where you can find me: Facebook - Pinterest - Twiter Instagram - Google +

I live in…. Orange County, California where the sun is always shining.

My niche is… Lifestyle and Home Décor

I write when….. I’m stressed out because writing for my readers helps me clear my mind and it’s truly my happy place.

How has blogging changed my life:  Blogging allows me to express myself to an audience across the World.  I love to express my writing skills, creativity, share about my family life and more.  Plus since blogging I have met some incredible people along the way.

A brand I have loved working with: I can’t narrow it down to one brand.  I work with lots of amazing brands on a daily basis and I’m so blessed.

I started blogging in… May of 2009 when I was on bed rest with my first pregnancy.

How I see the future of blogging/social media: Back in 2009 I just blogged about a few deals here and there, and the occasional recipe.  Now fast forward 6 years and I blog about reviews, lifestyle, home décor, crafts, giveaways and more and have a very strong social media following.

Where I work: I work at my desk, the couch, my bed and of course outside enjoying the fresh air.

I am connected…. To my devices.  I always have my Samsung Galaxy phone and ipad handy.  You’ll always catch me checking out my google calendar and emails.

When I’m stressed, I….. Lay in bed and binge watch Netflix.

My favorite gadget is…. My iPad of course

My favorite travel destination is…. I’m going to have to go with Las Vegas because it’s where my husband and I got married.

My favorite clothing brand is… Whatever is comfy.  I like simple so you’ll catch me shopping at Target and Kohls a lot.

I do all my shopping…. Online.  Nothing better than deliveries to your door.

My favorite TV shows: Has got to be anything on HGTV. I love remodeling and renovation work.  Grab that fixer upper and make it beautiful.

My favorite movie: Hmm…That’s a hard one.  One of the newer movies I saw that I fell in love with was Blended Family.

Coffee or tea: Chai Tea Latte all the way.

I love…. My family.  They complete me.

I dream about….The new home we’re moving to.

What else I do: I work full time outside of the home, blog full time, am a mother to 3 little ones, am the wife to an amazing husband and I do photography on the side.  I like to say I’m pretty well rounded and always BUSY.


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