SpinMaster Games Quelf Board Game

SpinMaster Games Quelf Board Game

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Action, excitement, never a dull moment. We love this game. There are so many things going on at once, lots of excitement, memory of words to say, writing poetry, acting, being silent, being curious. Every time we play, we take pics of the silly things we've had to do. The more players the better fun you'll have. We played with a 5 year old, up to a 70 year old and both enjoyed it just as much. We are usually still laughing days later from the fun we had playing.

A Game Well Worth the Laughs I bought this game many years ago and it has remained one of my favorites to this day. It will be introduced to my son as soon as he is old enough to play as well. It's a very silly game that makes everybody laugh.

This game is awesome. We play it often on the weekends, you have to do so many silly things that it is hard not to laugh and have a good time.

Quelf is among the favorites of myself as well as my family and friends. Very fun, never, ever a dull moment...i promise.

This is a great game. We play it at family get togethers and with friends. Everyone was able to have fun and relax while playing. I have even grabbed some of the cards for the car ride of a road trip. Get a good group of people together, some drinks, and prepare to have a blast and laugh harder than you have in a long time!

Played this at a friend's house, never have I ever laughed so hard and so much in 1 sitting. I bought the game for myself and played it with my family. I thought my grandmother was going to have a heart attack when my cousin started barking at her like a dog because the card he drew told him to bark at anyone who entered the room and wasn't playing the game.

We have a game night at our house often. This is a favorite. LOTS of fun to play!

Hilarious and outrageously fun game play. I am not one to act out stuff in games, but this got me out of my chair. It was loved so much that someone took it from my house after having everyone over to play. :( Now we have to get it again.

This game is hilarious! It is seriously so fun, (and for my fellow drinkers, it is easily translatable into a drinking game). It is awesome for the family too though! I played it with my mom, her boyfriend, and his kids over the holidays and it was awesome. It brings everybody out of their shell.

The best game I have ever played. I got it around Christmas as something to do with the family. I brought it over my fiance's families house and we had a blast. It gets people to open up. I have never had a game make me laugh so hard. I would recommend this for any game night. It is fun with kids but also adults.

Highly recommend this board game to anyone that likes to have a good time. I recently played this game with some friends and family over the weekend and we had such a good time. Laughing so hard I was almost crying.