Spicy BBQ Chicken


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  • Prep Time:
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    35 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    50 Mins
  • Level:
Spicy BBQ Chicken

Makes: 4 servings

Description: Sometimes it is hard to find the time to dedicate yourself to the grill! This is a SIMPLE and delicious BBQ flavored chicken served with any of your favorite BBQ sides or serve it over a salad or throw it on some yummy crusty bread for a sandwich. Really, the possibilities are endless with a good piece of chicken!

4  Chicken Breasts
2TB  Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 cup  White Onion, Sliced
2 TB  Olive Oil
4 TB  BBQ Sauce

Instructions: 1.)Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2.)Trim fat off chicken, pat dry. Wash hands and dry completely.
3.)Cut 4 pieces of foil, about 12 inches in length (enough to form a foil packet)
4.)Spray one side of foil with cooking spray or 1 teaspoon of olive oil
5.)Slice onions thinly
6.)Sprinkle foil with red pepper flakes, lay Chicken on top then place a layer of onions
7.)Squirt some BBQ sauce on top, I use about 1 tablespoon per chicken breast
8.)Form packet, fold foil over and leave a small opening for steam to escape.
9.)Repeat for remaining 3 breasts
10.)Cook in oven for 35 minutes
11.)Remove from oven and unwrap top of foil slightly, then place back in oven for 5 to 8 minutes, to ?crisp? up chicken breast
12.)Remove from oven, let stand for a few minutes before serving

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