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  • CTCarra By  CTCarra    

    The flavor is good but the chip itself has a weird aftertaste for me .

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  • Amusleh86 By  Amusleh86    

    I actually really like almost all the Special K snack, sour cream & onion is one of my favorites. I like that I can enjoy them without feeling like I'm taking in so many calories.

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  • emmekay By  emmekay    

    The sea salt are a 5 star! I enjoy these chips for a quick snack in the afternoon. The fact that there are three servings in a box helps me control my portion. They are crunchy, salty and a non-guilty treat! Even my husband likes these.

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  • arsaivi By  arsaivi    

    tasty and crunchy

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  • jotero48 By  jotero48    

    Good treat when you are trying to cut back on calories.

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  • LexiBug By  LexiBug    

    I was actually surprised how much I liked these. While the texture is rather reminiscent of a rice cake, as is the taste of the cracker-chip itself, the sour cream and onion flavoring is really good. One box only contains 3 servings, so they're not very economical. I prefer regular chips, but if I'm trying to eat healthier, these are a nice option.

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  • HappyKat101 By  HappyKat101    

    These are really good, but they are too salty.

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  • xmsmandi By  xmsmandi    

    My favorite! And I like that they came in different flavors. I don't even feel guilty eating these.

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  • Tiffany02809 By  Tiffany02809    

    I love these chips.... I can and have eaten the whole box at once. They are so low in calories that you can... They are better then Pop chips because you get more for your money. I think you get an additional oz for the same price. I wish they came in a bigger bag or box...

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  • jjvag1313 By  jjvag1313    

    Didnt like the after taste at all.

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  • ChristineK2010 By  ChristineK2010    

    SO YUMMY!! Slightly addictive! :0)

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  • kellibliss By  kellibliss    

    My god these are so good!! They are better than the regular kind of chips that offer a lot of fat in them. I love the products that Special K had come up with. I like how the chips come in some different flavors. The sour cream and onion ones are great! The cheddar ones are awesome! When craving something salty I open a box of the Sea Salt ones and start counting away for the serving size . I love how they are baked not fried and they aren't greasy.

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  • mindykay76 By  mindykay76    

    these are ok but much more like a mini rice cake than a chip

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  • themomontherun By  themomontherun    

    These were not quite what I expected. Tastes more like a cracker

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  • jerseygirl1 By  jerseygirl1    

    These things are addictive. They are a chip that you can just pop in your mouth. I though the sour cream & onion was really flavorful, though my mom thought it was too strong. The chip itself is very light and not greasy. 110 calories for 27 chips is great.

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