Special K Coffee House Protein Breakfast Shake, Vanilla Cappuccino

Special K Coffee House Protein Breakfast Shake, Vanilla Cappuccino

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My Choice! Better choice of breakfast than a coffee and/or tea in multiple ways!

I don't know why but I hated the taste. I actually bought two packs before trying it because I mean Vanilla Cappucino and a protein drink, what could go wrong? Well, I wasn't a fan, but I had my mom try it and she loved it.

Special K Protein Shakes are the best Breakfast Drinks Around I can just tell you that these shakes are delicious . I love the vanilla taste. It tastes like vanilla coffee, even better and it does not have a chalky taste at all. The real advantage is that it keeps me going all morning. These shakes definitely give me the energy that I need each day. This is my healthy treat.

great breakfast! Shakes are very good. They are good in place of a meal and this flavor also has caffeine. So if you are in a hurry and need caffeine in the morning then this is a great thing to have on hand!

This is the only shake i will drink in the morning.Because it taste in great am gives me a get up in go energy

I love these shakes! I love all the flavors! They are so delicious that you forget they are also healthy! You can't go wrong with these! Yummy for the tummy!

I am absolutely obsessed with these drinks. The Special K Coffee House Protein Breakfast Shakes are so good! I originally got to try them out through BzzAgent and the vanilla cappuccino quickly became my go to breakfast. I feel like I should start off saying that I am not a coffee person. I'm also not really a breakfast person. I am however a caffeine person. I absolutely need that jolt to get me going in the morning. Target and Archer Farms had recently discontinued my favorite raspberry green tea energy drink and I was struggling to find another caffeinated drink that I liked. After trying these protein breakfast shakes, I was totally hooked. They're really filling. I can go all morning after just having one. The clincher for me was when I had a shake in the morning, ate nothing else because I was just too busy, then went grocery shopping in the early afternoon. Usually if I grocery shop and haven't eaten much, I'm hungry and I end up buying a bunch of junk I don't need. This time however I was still full and I did not make a bunch of impulse buys. There are days when I'm so busy running around that I end up drinking one of these shakes for breakfast and then another for lunch. They have been sufficient to keep me full and feeling good all day. There are currently 3 cases in my fridge right now!