Spanx Higher Power Shaper

Spanx Higher Power Shaper

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These are a MUST HAVE. I love my Spanx. I have several pair and use them weekly. I love how they do not roll or bunch up.

I would love to try these.

I would love to try these for my jellie bellie

I love that you can actually breathe with these on! I am a spanx fan for life.

I tend to wear these under my gowns that I wear when I perform and they are a life saver! No bulges and you can BREATHE!! I highly recommend them :)

Maybe I am crazy but I was totally disappointed in this product. So much so that I wrote a letter to the company; which mind you I have never received a reply to. SPANX are not cheap by any means and the first and only time I wore them they ripped on both both legs on the seems. I was unable to return them because the store I purchased them from has a no return policy for SPANX products. So the store made their money, SPANX made theirs and I have a defective product.

I was skeptical about these products, but I bought two and recently used one for an elegant nighttime wedding where we had to be in formal. It sucked in places that I did not even know were there :) Getting it on is a challenge, but once on works like a charm. Very comfortable too! The only negative I encountered was that the top of the girldle thing that came right up under my boobs kind of rolled down a little during the night. You could not see it from the outside, but I did have to go adjust in the ladies room. Overall a great product!

I would like to try Spanx! I am going to have to look for some!

A family member of mine gave me a pair of SPANX to try after I gave birth to my first child. They were amazing. Everyone kept asking me how I lost my baby weight so quickly. I did fess up to the fact that I was wearing SPANX but it didn't matter to me if my girlfriends knew. The SPANX allowed me to wear my pre-baby clothes without worrying about having a "muffin-top" or having to buy new clothes to wear until I lost the weight. The only complaint I have is that the bottom of the SPANX at the bottom of my thigh showed through my pants sometimes making it look like I had on biker shorts. I have the pair that goes up above my ribs and down my thighs. I'd like to try the pair that's just like a camisole.

I love mine although I wish they were not so hot.

I like Spank products but I wish they would have something to guide us in terms of which products are best for each body type or how to buy one that properly fits. I think I buy them too small. Maybe I should buy one size up? not sure..

I love Spanx. Would like to try this.

I wanna try this..

I use spanx...but not the ones that go up over the "boobs"...I think this would smoosh them in. The ones I have come right up under. I do love my spanx!!

omg i totally want to try these they sound amazing!