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  • ChassyMarie89 By  ChassyMarie89    


    I think if you wear little makeup these will work just fine . They do leave you feeling clean and refreshed like you just walked your face. Its a product I would use again.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    So I bought this facial wipes in part for what I read on the package, the price and the content. And I have been soooo disappointed with them. The Pro of the product was that it had 60 wipes in the package and that the wipes are large, but the wipes are flimsy and very thin, they are not very moist and you need 2 wipes to take off light makeup and I still have to finish with witch hazel to remove all makeup...the e.l.f. wipes need one for the whole job and I could probably reuse the wipe if it wasn't unsanitary. I really don't know if anyone has had better luck with them, but for me this was the first and last time I buy this.

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