SoyJoy Berry Bar

SoyJoy Berry Bar

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I like them...Mango coconut is my favorite... It has an intense taste of tropical fruits?

They've evidently put out a new recipe that's supposed to make the bars more moist and fruitier. I think it worked. I hated SoyJoy bars was like gagging on cardboard. But the last one I tried as a sample was surprisingly really tasty. Too bad they can't make them bigger than three bites (and with less calories).

Not very good.

These bars are dry and plain. Enough said.

I am not of fan of the Soy Bars. I thought they would be great for a mid-afternoon snack, but I find them hard to choke down. I has such high hopes for this healthy snack, but I would rather eat fresh fruit t get my sweet fix in during the day.

I had a couple of these mailed to me as samples. They tasted horrible.

I tasted this once- and only once. Unless the taste has changed since last year the taste was horrible and the texture like cardboard.

As far as soy bars go they are ok. If you do not already eat a fair amount of soy or soy bars you probably will not care for them. I am not a fan of soy in too many things so I don't care to much for this bar. The texture is not good. The bars with fruit in them are better than the ones that don't have fruit in them.

I enjoyed this snack after a run. It was light, delicious and filling.

Yuck! Tasted like cardboard to me. I thought I would like them as I use other soy products regularly but they really had no flavor and the texture was unusual.

I love Soy Joy bars. Great snack when you need something to take the edge off.

I really didn't care for these bars. they don't have a lot of flavor and are very dry. The taste like paste. I think I would enjoy them more if they had some dried fruit or something in them. By themsleves they are very plain.

I received a sample Soyjoy bar in the mail. It was a full size bar, but still quite small. It tastes a bit like fruitcake, but I still thought it was pretty good. I would consider buying them.

I think that the soy joy bars are really different in taste and texture...the quality of the bar is still quite good and the benefits you receive from eating soy make it a valuable is easy to carry with you when away from home and they do store well....

Pretty good for a soy bar. I've received a sample before and I actually bought some when they were on sale and I had a coupon. I love the Mango flavor also!