Sorry Ladies, Your SPF Moisturizer Isn't Enough For a Day in the Sun

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 10, 2018

Many of us think applying that expensive or favorite moisturizer complete with SPF is enough to protect from the harmful UV rays of the summer sun. But now doctors are warning against this practice and saying the best skin protection is still some good old fashioned sunscreen.

The Metro reports about a new study from the British Association of Dermatologists that finds SPF moisturizers are nearly as effective at protecting our faces from the sun as sunscreen. And much of the reasoning has to do with the way we typically apply our moisturizers versus how we slather on the sunblock.

When applying our daily moisturizer, we tend to rub in a much thinner layer of sun protection than when applying sunscreen. Researchers were not exactly sure what results they would get upon testing the effectiveness of both lotions. Since we tend to put our daily moisturizer all over the face, including around the eyes - researchers thought this may be a better sun protection method.

One of the researchers,consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon Austin McCormick, explains why researchers felt moisturizer may have a better result than sunblock on the face. McCormick says, “We expected the area of face covered with moisturiser to be greater than sunscreen, in particular the eyelids because of the perception that moisturiser stings the eyes less than sunscreen. In fact we found the opposite: the area of the face covered effectively was greater with sunscreen than moisturise.”


From Metro: "The image on the left shows the woman well protected by SPF 30 sun cream. On the right, you can see her skin isn’t as well protected by an SPF 30 moisturiser. (Picture: British Association of Dermatologists)"

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean its time to ditch the SPF moisturizers and makeups, researchers still say these products are much better than wearing nothing at all. And for every day use, when you don’t expect to spend a ton of time outdoors - it can be a perfectly protective way to take care of your skin. McCormick explains, “Moisturiser is better than no protection at all, but not as good as sunscreen. We do recommend moisturisers and makeup that contain UV protection – it is better than no protection at all, but for prolonged periods in the sun we recommend the application of sunscreen with high SPF.”

What do you think of the new study that suggests moisturisers with SPF are not as effective as regular high SPF sunblock?

Will this new research change the way you protect your face from the summer sun?

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Aug 14, 2018

I love this sun cream

shonvic1981 by shonvic1981 | GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
Jul 28, 2018

Yes, this has made me more aware. I'm going to protect my skin better. Thanks for sharing.

Ashleigh3 by Ashleigh3 | CEDAR RAPIDS, IA
Jul 28, 2018

This is great to know!

danigirl by danigirl | erie, PA
Jul 24, 2018

like the sun cream

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Jul 23, 2018

wow that is an eye opener love the sun cream idea,,,