Sony Until Dawn

Sony Until Dawn

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Awesome if you like story-focused games I had such a blast playing this game! I love everything horror as well as story-based video games, so this was truly a match made in Heaven for me! The story is awesome and you learn to love (or hate) the characters you play as. You get to control your fate, so make sure you make smart choices and be quick at pressing buttons. The story had amazing twists and turns and an awesome atmosphere. The acting is superb and the graphics are excellent as well. It's around ten hours in length, which is pretty decent for a game like this. I would definitely recommend people who love horror to check out this game.

Edge of your seat amazing game!! I love love love horror movies, games, etc. Not too many games actually scare me though but this one keeps you on the edge from beginning to end! I love it and so does my 13 year old son!

The graphics are great the sound is amazing the details are scary accurate and I love the fantasy creatures like the windigo creature in the game. Just everything looks really cool and the gameplay is awesome. I would play it over and over again

Jump Scares & Plot Twists! I like horror games every now and then, but this one had me on the edge of my seat in suspense the entire play through! Super interactive game! So many ways it could all happen ! Infinite possibilities!

Love this game. I absolutely loved this game. It is a game you can play over and over again and make it completely different. A game where each decision you make actually is key to the rest of your gameplay. Its more like a tv show or movie that your making than it is a game.

I'm not usually into scary things but this game is fantastic! I love the butterfly effect type gaming where every choice you make changes the entire story. It is also customized to what scares you (rats vs. snakes, etc). This game has some serious replay value!