Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3

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Best value for your dollar We have 2 of these at our house mostly because they are so incredibly versatile. Aside from the fact that they can play ps1 and ps2 games as well as the games made for ps3, they can also play DVDs, Bluerays, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, and can access the internet and your home network! My only issues are that as they age they begin to overheat easily and that their browser is very difficult to use. Other than that, definately a good buy for the whole family.

Love of my life I use my ps3 all the time and the games are cheap. Had one at a young age and gave always had no less than one.

Lots to Love I'm a pretty avid gamer when it comes down to it. In fact, I actually just recently purchased a PS3 (I know, I know. I'm behind the times a little bit). This was a great buy because not only can I purchase PS1 and PS2 games from the Playstation Store, but I can also watch Hulu and Netflex. A great buy!

We have one it's our second one. As our first one burnt out the fan now disk area stopped working had to buy a new one same thing happening fan acting up and whole system just shuts off...

I really enjoy our PlayStation 3. I like that you can play DVD's on it and play games.

Really nice game system. You can play games, watch dvd's & blu ray movies and plug in a usb to play music of view pictures. Not a lot of games available for younger children to play.

I'm a huge Sony fan ... Hands down the best gaming system and I'm excited to get a PS4 because I'm sure they'll only continue getting even better.

I just love Ps3, i have so many games for this console. Its definitely a classic

My children love this game system... The graphics are great and so many games to choose from for this system. Easy to use !

Best video gaming system! Plus you can use it as a dvd player as well!

Loved this item. Was great for entertainment! Husband however, decided to switch to Xbox One. I loved that it could play dvd/blue rays, the blue ray stopped working on our unit, we were a little disappointed in that. Overall, great product.

I've had one for 3 years and it's still going strong, I burnt through my first one but I also got it used so who knows how hard the previous owners really used it. Much prefer this system over Microsoft, but they've got strong competition in game quality.

We have a few of these in our house. I like Playstation and my boyfriend lives on it. We have like all the systems to date. Fun stuff.

If my ps3 was a person, I probably would have married it by now. Granted, it sucks power like a vacuum of endless energy sucking. But... I love it none the less.

I'm mostly used to the fat version of ps3. Which the motor is loud!! BBut still has a great picture, lots of features and every popular game is available for it.