Sony Cybershot DSC- W70 Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot DSC- W70 Digital Camera

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I got htis for christmas and I am in love with it!

Excellent camera for indoors or out. Very easy to use and pixel rate is high which accounts for the great quality of prints. The only drawback with mine and it may be the age of the camera but it takes a memory stick which is no longer sold. Discontinued and cannot be upgraded. Most card readers are no longer made to accept memory sticks either.

inexpensive and very good quality!

I had this camera before. It was a wonderful camera, took great videos and pictures. And until I dropped it and broke the lens on it, I was never without it. I totally recommend this camera for those who wish to take great pictures but are on a limited budget for their digital camera.

I bought a Sony Cybershot camera (earlier model) several years ago and it is still going strong and takes amazing photos. Even compared to an expensive fancier camera I recently bought. The size is great, I can throw it in my purse and go. Also, I love that after you take the picture you can zoom/crop the photo via the buttons on the camera and save the new picture and old too if you want. It has a lot of fabulous features! I love Sony products.

I own this camera, it's awesome and very easy to use. It has these cool features for taking pictures in all sorts of lighting. This camera also records well and takes great pics at night, I used it on a dark Halloween night and the pics came out great! It has good battery life, and is very forgiving, with easy to use settings.

I got this for Christmas an I loved it! I went to Disney in may an the pictures came out great! Even the firework pictures I was a little nervous about came out great. Easy uploading also!

all i can say its this camera is amazinggggggg

This Camera is GREAT!! It is very easy to use and takes crystal clear pictures. I would recommend this to anyone; all ages!

I bought my son this camera for his bday last year and he got it wet and it stipl works

This is a great camera. Prob one of the best cameras I have purchased, however, some functions stopped working on the camera. I can no longer view the pictures, but I can continue taking them. It has been a good quality camera.

I bought this camera a few years ago and it still works fine and takes wonderful pictures. so if your looking for an inexpensive good quality camera i highly recommend it

I would love to try this camera, I have grandbabies and would love a camera I could take pictures to treasure and make memory albums for when they grow up.

As much as I have heard and seen about this camera, it seems awesome. I do photography and its always hard to find a good camera. The one I have now well they no longer are selling the film for.

This is a great camera and works very well as a "push here dummy" camera. If you are looking for an easy to use camera that has the capacity to take many pictures in many different enviroments, this is the camera for you. Note: the camera does take time to focus at times (no more than 10 seconds), so it may not be the best camera if you are looking to capture in the moment memories.