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  • altamontefamily By  altamontefamily    

    2 of our kids each own one of these cameras. It's an upgrade for them as they continue to develop their photography skills. They find it very easy to use. It's small enough to fit into their pockets. One of our younger children accidentally soaked the camera in his backpack. We thought it was broken. A few weeks later, it started working again. We were about to throw it away! Thankfully, we kept it.

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  • 7shootingstaar By  7shootingstaar    

    One of the best point and shoot camera in d market. If u want dslr quality in a point and shoot camera , get it!!

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  • thehut By  thehut    

    I love this camera! Its really cool, I started using an older version of it but I had issues with it getting fuzzy when I tried to do vidoes so I upgraded to this one after that. I adore it, so convenient!

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  • Ahyden By  Ahyden    

    I love this sony cybershot!

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    Love it :)

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  • aeris32 By  aeris32    

    I don't know if because this camera was an upgrade from an HP 6mp camera, but I think this camera is awesome! It really does take beautiful pictures. After I uploaded the pictures to my computer to see them, I was a little worried because when I put them to full size, they looked grainy and blurry. But when I got them printed out, all of that was GONE. I have created several 8x10 photos, and the quality is amazing. The pictures are very crisp, no blurriness. The colors are perfect. Compared to pictures I have from my HP camera, the difference is VERY noticeable, in a great way. I like its size. It is thin enough to slide in your jeans back pocket, which makes it very portable. I LOVE how easy it is to switch modes. Just slide a switch to go from photo to panorama to video. It also makes cool sounds for just about everything. You can turn this off, but I like hearing all the little beeps and blips. There are a few things that I don't really like though. The first is that it takes quite a while to go from picture taking mode, to preview mode. With my HP, it was almost immediate. I could take a picture, and very quickly be able to show it to other people. It takes about 4-5 seconds to be able to get to preview mode with the Sony. Another thing I don't care for is the "pre-flash". This is supposed to reduce red-eye. And while it does work very well, it is difficult to take good pictures of my 3-month-old son. He's got "crazy eyes" in most of them! I'm sure there is a shut-off feature for this, but I haven't looked hard enough for it. Sometimes it is off automatically. I'm guessing it has something to do with the lighting conditions. Even with this, I have taken MANY great pictures of my baby. I like that it comes with a rechargeable battery, but I really wish it was able to use regular batteries. I don't like having to wait for one battery to recharge when I could quickly just throw in some new batteries. With all that being said, I would definitely recommend this camera. I haven't tinkered around with the advanced settings yet, but having everything on "easy mode" has produced lots of stunning pictures.

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