Somewhere in Time Movie

Somewhere in Time Movie

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Kind of hokey but still enjoyable romance movie with lovely music and scenery.

I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars. Absolutely the most romantic movie to date.

This was a great sad, romantic movie! I so enjoyed Christopher Reeves..he was always Superman, but this was a great role as well!

I loved this movie, you could really feel his pain of trying to his love. I think I will watch it right now.

I watched this movie after visiting Mackinaw Island (sp?) where it was filmed. I had seen posters of the movie in the Grand Hotel on the Island. I loved it!! Very romantic! Very chick-flick! I later tried to get my husband to wastch it but he thought it was very cheesey... :)

This movie is wonderful, it brings back memories of Chris Reeve before his tragic accident, it has always been a favorite movie of mine, how love can transcend time is a great theme.

I love this movie. Going back in time has always fascinated me, and to visit another era and fall in love, priceless.


I love time travel themes and this one is not only good in that department but so romantic. Filmed on Mackinaw Island,(between the two peninsulas of Michigan) the scenes at the Grand Hotel are great. It is so authentic. One of the hotels on the island shows this movie every evening in their dining room after dinner for free.

Somewhere in Time is the most romantic movie ever. Jane Seymour is lovely as Elise McKenna, a movie star from the golden age of film. Christopher Reeve is the handsome and sweet man she loves. There is a great almost sci-fi element of time travel. You will laugh, cry and root for their star-crossed, time-crossed love!