Something Nipped, Something Tucked...

   By drodriguez  Dec 09, 2010

In what many are calling a new low for reality television, the E!'s new show "Bridalplasty" recently premiered. "Bridalplasty" is a show in which brides-to-be compete for various plastic surgery procedures before their big day.  The show has received a good deal of criticism from both the media as well as the medical community.  Many women also feel this show is sending a very negative message to young girls regarding body image and society’s obsession with image perfection.

A recent report from ABC News discusses the initial reaction the public is having to E!’s latest reality show.  Though there have been reality shows, like "Extreme Makeover", in the past that document people’s surgical transformations, "Bridalplasty" takes it a step further as the first American reality show where the contestants are actually competing for plastic surgery.  

Each week, the engaged women take part in wedding themed challenges like writing their vows.  Whoever wins these challenges will receive one surgical procedure, making them one step further in attaining their “dream wedding body.”  One aspect of the show that is shocking to many is how young these women are, ranging in age from 21 to 33-years-old.  This just goes along with the growing trend of more and more young women going under the knife in the name of “beauty”.

Roberto Olivardia, psychology instructor at Harvard Medical School, weighs in on the effects that such a competition may have on a young woman.  Olivardia says, “It’s a horrible idea.  It absolutely plays into this notion that if you achieve the ?perfect’ appearance everything will be better.  The message it sends to girls and women, as if you’re not beautiful enough on your wedding day you have to receive plastic surgery from head to toe.”

What do you think of E!’s new reality show, Bridalplasty?

Do you think this show takes the idea of plastic surgery too far?

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mimariposa11 by mimariposa11 | Pocahontas, AR
Feb 07, 2011

Dare I reveal myself????? Well, OK, please be kind. I am a 61 year old "cougar" living with my wonderful, loving 30 year old sweet heart.. Hair dye is the only thing "I" insist on, he doesn't care. He is tall, olive skinned, my Greek God. I wish young women would learn to love them seves as they are....hollywood be da__ed.

Mabel01 by Mabel01 | Miami, FL
Jan 06, 2011

These women are insane. Why would you first of all marry a man that would want you to change your natural appearance?!...If he loves you enough to marry you, he loves you as you are! Not because you're turning into this plastic looking thing. You should embrace your natural beauty...FLAWS AND ALL! They make you, YOU and set you apart from the rest.

lastnerve by lastnerve | LAS VEGAS, NV
Jan 03, 2011

two words - IT SUCKS! What? Can't a woman just be a woman and feel cherished by her man? No, because society tells us we should be perfect. NOBODY is perfect!

c931trish by c931trish | SEMMES, AL
Jan 03, 2011

I have no interest in watching this show. I feel the media and society have pushed the perfect- young- beautiful image too far and it has got out of control .This is destroying so many people's self esteem and self worth by showing or implying you must look like ___ to be considered beautiful.Many people I know have had and are planning on more plastic surgery. So many women I know have so many fake parts - fake hair,fake eyelashes,fake eye color-colored contacts,botox, wrinkle fillers,lips that look like they hung their head out of a window doing 120 mph for a few hours (lol) ,breast implants,butt implants,fake nails,toenails,lipo'ed from head to toe. It seems like a competition with some women to out do their freinds.It's gotten out of control.And yes, I have had plastic surgery 11 years ago for myself and do not regret it.

Shannontish by Shannontish | LOUISVILLE, KY
Dec 28, 2010

I will NOT be watching this. Nor will my children. Its shame that women in general have to be in constant search of beauty and youth. The men meanwhile complain how long it takes a woman to get ready, saying they just have to put on a hat and go. They say this and then check out the "hot" chick - who HELLO??? probably spends an insane amount of money and time to look like she is nataurally "hot" . I am all for surgery for an accident that results in scarring or for a birthmark. Even for it if its the womens desire - not because she is doing it for her man or for society!

ladyeve by ladyeve | Harrison Township, MI
Dec 20, 2010

Why is it always the woman that has to go to such drastic measures to get a man? Why is it women are so critical of each other and are willing to degrade themselves by putting each other down? Why can't we see that as long as we attack each other, particularly over a man, this will remain a patriarchal society? In my circle, most men I know perfer a natural woman, that takes good care of herself. They also find confidence sexy! They tend to view big fake boobs, lips, butts and tongue piercings as sexual invitations. Really gals, we are more than our physical makeup, beauty begins inside and radiates outward. Set your own standards, don't let the media do it for you. Actually, I appreciate the Creator spicing things up with variety, rather than cloning barbie doll after barbie doll. Realize we are whole, perfect and complete just as we were born.

jenndta69 by jenndta69 | SHERMAN OAKS, CA
Dec 18, 2010

This show is really stupid! Remeber the good old days when you just went on a crash diet to lose a few pounds to look better in your dress?! Isn't that enough??? How about we have this show and instead of the brides, it's the grooms. Oh, they must be perfect. Ugh, how sadddddd!

shelly_noble24 by shelly_noble24 | SULLIVAN, MO
Dec 14, 2010

this show is stupid. these women should know if he asked you to marry him he wants you as you are not with all different looks. there is no such thing as perfection. in fact i think plastic surgery is stupid because we are meant to look as we do naturally.your natural face and skin color and eye color and hair color are what your supposed to look like. girls my age and younger need to realize that you are beautiful when you are your natural looking self.also the real beauty of a person is not outside it is inside.i hope this show goes off the air as quick as possible

wllangys by wllangys | willowsprings, IL
Dec 14, 2010

The women on this show are very crazy

purpleshops by purpleshops | Fort Worth, TX
Dec 14, 2010

Anyone who has gone through surgery, knows it is a painful experience. I think if these women are willing to go through the pain, and sacrifice their privacy to a national audience, they deserve what they worked hard to get. However, I would never choose to have elective surgery.

CNelson by CNelson | NASHVILLE, TN
Dec 12, 2010

This show is already airing on E!. I can't believe women getting excited about botox, wanting this and that done. There's some things I'd like to change also, but some women take plastic surgery to the extreme. This is just kind of sad I think.

supermomdiva by supermomdiva | Albany, GA
Dec 12, 2010

I think that it is very sad that our society feels that women have to be 'perfect'. Yeah, there are some things that I would like to change about myself but it is not because society say so. I like my flaws because they make me who I am. I think that they ended up not going on with the show.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Dec 09, 2010

Wow...what has happened to our society.

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Dec 09, 2010

I think they are delusional. When you get old, everything will go south eventually, so what the heck are these women thinking? I read too much stories on how people can die on the table by doing these procedures. It's not a simple nip tuck. I guess they would rather look beautiful in their casket while they are at it. Good luck.

MarieVonLove by MarieVonLove | BROOKLYN, NY
Dec 09, 2010

.....When will this obsession with perfection stop?!?! There is no such thing as perfection!! It does not exist. I can't believe there are women who will actually degrade themselves by participating in this ridiculous show. What kind of message are we sending to young girls and girls my age? That we have to be beautiful to be perfect? Bull!!! I really hope this show doesn't go on air. I'm tired of this vanity crap.