Something Borrowed Movie

Something Borrowed Movie

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Laughed and cried One of my favorite romance comedy movies. I laughed and cried. Great story line.

lovely movie really funny and beautiful all at the same time, the cast was spot on.

Found this movie very boring and pointless.

Pretty good chick-flick. Even the men in my family didn't seem to mind it.

I was a little disappointed in the movie. It was VERY predictable, but I guess it is hard to find a movie that has already been done. I just thought with the A-list actors it would have been better.

The book was so much better and it was disappointing to watch the movie. It just didn't have the same "grasp" as the book has/had on me. I couldn't put the book down; however, I was bored to tears by the movie. Just a personal preference.

The book was great and the movie followed the book pretty closely but I felt that it left out some of the key components. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if I had night read the book. I hope they continue to make movies of this series because the books are wonderful and it is always great to get to see the books come alive in the movies.

I thought the movie was a good adaptation of the book, although it did leave out some parts. Reading the book I felt like I wanted to see the characters and the movie did a good job fitting actors to the descriptions.

Love this movie, great romance comedy!!

I think this was a cute movie didn't really read the book but I thought it was well portrayed and I do hope they continue on with the other book written on it because everyone deserves a happy ending. A feel god romantic movie.

Definitley kept you drawn to the movie.

The book was great! The movie is a wonderful adaptation of the book. John Krasinski is such a wonderful addition to this cast - he will keep you laughing. This is a wonderful movie for a "girl's night out".