Solo Squared for Kids on the Go

Solo Squared for Kids on the Go

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love these. I buys these for birthday and picnics. At my child's first sleepover I let girls personalize them. The kids wanted to take them home and not trash them.

I love these little cups! I purchase these to keep on hand for playdates and parties. I (as mentioned in a previous review) also kept a sharpie with them to mark them so we know which one is who's. We mark with a name so the adults can ID and a picture for the kids. It's also nice if someone forgets a sippy.

I love these little cups! I purchased the green ones for my daughter's birthday party. I kept a sharpie next to them for when someone wanted a drink, and if they wanted a refill it was easy to find their cup. No lost or shared cups, yay!! No leaks or anything. :)

I saw these cups at the store the other day and thought these would be great for using for snack time in my church nursery. I decided to test them out on. my 3 and 4 year old boys first. My boys thought it was cool to be able to drink their milk out of these cups. I poured the milk in the cup but had a hard time putting on the lid. I could not get the lid on and pushed down too hard and broke the cup. I tried again with another cup and got the lid on. The cup's lid then stayed on and my son was able to enjoy his milk.