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  • artemisa24 By  artemisa24    

    Loved the scent it was sweet and lovely, it stayed on my body for a couple for hours.

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  • Netanyabutler By  Netanyabutler    

    The smell is HEAVENLY!!!

    I'll start this off by saying the most fitting description for this product, IT SMELLS HEAVENLY. The fragrance is not only amazing but it last a little while too. It also leaves your skin nice and moisturized too.

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  • Hxylee2 By  Hxylee2    

    10/10 Recommend

    I love this body wash!! For so long I?ve used soft soap and it?s done nothing but help my skin. I used to have such sensitive skin and this product has not made me have anymore issues with that on my legs. My legs have been smooth and silky as well as other parts of my body!! I recommend this to all people. Any skin condition. It helps and smells amazing.

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  • Aricart By  Aricart    

    Spa at home

    I love this body wash. Smell AMAZING and leave my skin very soft and radiant. Every time i used i toguht I was in a Spa is the best.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    Put some luxury in your bath,

    When i am using Softsoap Luminous Oils Macadamia oil and Peony body wash I am feeling like I am in a spa. It smell so luxurious and makes my skin so soft and smooth!

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    


    SoftSoap Luminous Oils body wash seems to almost revive your skin. It makes your skin moist and soft with no greasy afterwards feel. Love the smell too!

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  • slbradley1987 By  slbradley1987    

    Softsoap Luminous Oils - Macadamia Oil & Peony

    I happened to run across this product, Softsoap® Luminous Oils - Macadamia + Peony Body Wash. I liked how the product looked off top. It looked so soft and golden. Luxurious, in fact. I read the label and found that it contained some very nice ingredients. The macadamia oil and peonies were enough to convince me to try it. So I decided to go ahead and buy it. I couldn't have been more happy with my decision. The first time use was amazing. It smelled so delicious and luxuriously satisfying. It made my skin feel amazing and the formula is non-greasy, but very moisturizing. The smell alone just opened up your senses and was relaxing. Taking a shower with this product made me feel like I was really taking a relaxing break. It didn't leave my skin feeling dry or dried out, at all. The fragrance is amazing. When I came downstairs, my children's Father told me how noticeably good I smelled, so that was definitely a plus, lol. The formula is rich, so it doesn't take much of this product at all and it creates a very nice, soft foamy texture. I highly recommend this product to any woman out there. It definitely leaves you feeling clean and beautiful. This is actually one of my favorites now, if not, my top favorite. And I'm a Mom who likes bargains, so the price was definitely worth it.

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