By madwoman  Jan 06, 2012

Okay, I know that I'm getting old. (I'm 46 in case you're wondering.) But as I was flipping through my latest edition of Cosmo Magazine (I honestly don't know why I took advantage of the $5.00 a year offer), I saw an ad that caught my eye.

$PullQuote$It said, "Do everything you would if you didn't have your period. We're not just walking about swimming." And it showed a picture of a guy and girl kissing, behind a curtain. I had to look closer at the background to see that they were on a bed.

So, I just had to read the rest of it. "You can have mess-free sex, even when on your period."

"Softcup...worn internally collects instead of absorbing like pads or tampons."

Now, I know that females, especially the younger ones, enjoy sex but come on. Do you really need to have it every week of the month? Can't you take a week off every now and then?

Even if I did have a period (I had a hysterectomy sixteen years ago and it's the best surgery that I've ever had(, there's no way that I would be interested in Softcup.

So, here's what I want to know. Would you ladies use such a device? And men, would you have sex with your lady if she used Softcup? Would you expect her to buy it now that it's on the market? Guys and gals let me know.

I want to see which of us is really sex-crazed and who isn't. For the record, I'm in the non-existent column. I'm perimenopausal so George Clooney doesn't even do it for me anymore. Again, let me know how you feel about Softcup.




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rellibell by rellibell | WILMINGTON, NC
Jan 10, 2012

I haven't had a real period in over a year since I had an IUD inserted BUT as one of the previous commenters stated...when I did get my period I was still just as willing to have sex. I mean call me sex crazed if you will but it's definitely a great pain reliever. I also agree that it's a bad marketing tack...these things have been around for a hot minute and I've heard of them before, personally I've always thought it sounded a bit disgusting to have to dump period blood out of a cup but if it works, it works.

jygriebel by jygriebel | Marble, PA
Jan 10, 2012

I tried this product this summer and ending up throwing the rest of the box away. It was very uncomfortable and hard to insert. I read the instructions several times and tried many times. I was also afraid of possible infections.

apriljadesilk by apriljadesilk | Lenoir, NC
Jan 10, 2012

i tried a sample of these. i cramped really bad while using them. i was really hoping they would work because they sound great. It looks really intimidating when you take it out o the package but was easy to insert and remove. Anyone else cramp while using these?

marriedgirl27 by marriedgirl27 | FULTON, NY
Jan 08, 2012

I have never used this brand of cup but I have used menstrual cups in general before. I love my diva cup, it saves so much money on tampons and pads and its really convenient because you can leave it in for 12 hours (you cant have sex with it in tho). I like that these soft cups are reusable for up to one cycle and may give them a try in the future. The price is great, why wouldn't you try them?!!

cocoabella by cocoabella | EL PASO, TX
Jan 07, 2012

I tried this product several years ago when I receieved a test sample. Perhaps they had not worked out the problems with it here yet but it didn't work well for me in catching all the flow. So I threw it away and went back to the old standard tampons.

Hockeygem17 by Hockeygem17 | MANCHESTER, NH
Jan 07, 2012

Okay I'm 38 years old so not "young" by any means and if the mood strikes and it's my period, I just do it and I don't need a product to protect me, heck shower sex works just great, and most men don't care about getting a little dirty if they are getting some love and having an orgasm totally gets rid of cramping and shortens the length of aunt flo's visit from my own experience.

billiejean8888 by billiejean8888 | MAPLEWOOD, MN
Jan 07, 2012

I think it's just a bad marketing tool for Americans. My college roommate got married to an English man and they have lived there for a long time. She told me that this is the way almost every woman and England takes care of her monthly. Obviously, they have more than one brand but the collection versus absorbsion is the norm there. It is a lot more envionmently friendly. Very little waste and if inserted properly very little chance of an accident. You don't need to carry extras in your purse you just empty it while in the bathroom and reinsert. I am excited it's finally coming to the US. But yes it is silly to expect those who want to have period sex to be despirite for this. They've been doing without until now.