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  • Budgirl By  Budgirl    

    My cat was a tough sell on these. Nice concept but took my daughter and I to get them on her. They lasted awhile but she was always chewing on them. 😿

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    These are hard to get on and the cat will try and pick them off the entire time. They are good in theory, but not so much in execution. My sister-in-law pays not too much more at the vet to get hers professionally done, and they stay on for a looong time. Plus, she gets to have someone else (a pro) do the applicating part and it saves her all the hassle.

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  • menamhayes By  menamhayes    

    i wuld love to try this product for the little fact that i have a water bed and every time i sleep with the cat in my room i get nervouse :)

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  • iamkam By  iamkam    

    Putting these on the cat is almost a two person job. They didn't stay on my cats claws as long as the packaging suggested they would, but it was still nice not having to deal with scratches for a couple of weeks. If you have the time to replace the nail covers every couple of weeks it could be a good accessory for your cat. It is definitely better than declawing your cat.

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  • andies By  andies    

    If you are a person with a hand disability do not buy these you won't be able to put them on your cat's nails by yourself, and if you do siomehow manage to get them on the cat will get them off in an hour.

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  • Shannontish By  Shannontish    

    I absolutley LOVE these, I didn't try this until this year when hubby got me a persian (Sophie), and she loves to knead on my leg....after trying other "solutions" and not wanting to have her declawed, I ordered a set. The first application was a bit hard, but after that it was a snap. I then reordered sizes for all of my cats - they have no problems with me applying them. Not too mention they look adorable in the colors!

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  • kimvoloshin By  kimvoloshin    

    I love this product the cat had no problems with it, and my husband not with the cat's existence. The glue could be a little bit bigger, have lots of tips left and need to buy seperately the extra glue which is not available in stores.

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  • NatesLady1309 By  NatesLady1309    

    Put in on my roommate's cat last year... it took forever to get them on and glued in right, and then she spent the next 3 weeks continually biting them off and leaving them as little surprises around the house.

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  • Daniyello By  Daniyello    

    How old is your cat? If it's pretty young, it should be easier. You could try feeding it some snacks while you put the nails on. I usually put my cat on my lap, so it's easier to control him and get to the nails.

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  • nissa92 By  nissa92    

    I do not believe in de-clawing so was excited to try this product. They were tricky to get on at 1st but it has saved my new couch!

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  • ShelleyTambo By  ShelleyTambo    

    I volunteer at a shelter, and we recommend these regularly as an alternative to declawing. Unfortunately, we get many cats turned in for behavior problems that result from this procedure. Yes, they can be a pain to get on at first, but most cats adjust very well.

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  • cutepea By  cutepea    

    This is a great product-has saved my furniture.

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  • chicofreedom By  chicofreedom    

    This product sounds a little silly, but it really is a great alternative to declawing. One application lasts anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Easy to apply at home or your local pet facility. Each package comes with enough product for 4 complete applications. The simple solution to destructive scratching

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