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  • Brendar By  Brendar    

    Great product

    Love this and they really taste good. And the cartridge lasts a long time since you only do 2 or 3 pumps per bottle.

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  • Vinnie By  Vinnie    

    Love :)

    I've never actually tried Jet stream... I either drink tap or buy store bought carbonated water. This would be a great holiday gift.

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  • crystallee2019 By  crystallee2019    

    pretty decent way of sodas

    My Aunt has one of these, and I tried it before. It was really good and alot more healthy way of drinking a soda then what I get out of the stores. Not as much sugar and caffenine which is really bad for our bodies.

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  • jcp542 By  jcp542    

    Soda Stream

    The Soda Stream sparkling water maker is a fantastic product! I have had mine for almost 20 years so I guess it is almost an antique. If you want to cut down on plastic waste and help the environment this is made for you.

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  • dolls123 By  dolls123    


    This is very easy to use and it tastes great. There are a lot of different flavors to try.

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  • DebrasDollars By  DebrasDollars    

    Great way to save money!

    There are so many reasons why I love the Sodastream. It is quick and easy to use, and it saves you money. I noticed our drinks stayed fresh and fizzy longer than store bought brands. There is minimal clean up and there was a large variety of flavors. There is no High-Fructose Corn Syrup & No Aspartame (NutraSweet) in the flavor mixes. There is no more toting around bottles or cans and finding room to store them, or finding storage to later recycle them. The Sodastream Sodamix bottles are fully recyclable and biodegradable. When comparing there are fewer calories & less sodium than regular soda. There was no electricity used to make the soda. The Carbonators are refillable and can be exchanged at a participating retailer.

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  • Aqsa1234 By  Aqsa1234    

    Awesome product i buyed 15 bottles to homeless people as a gift from my self😍😘😘😘🥰🥰i love this product and i love all

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  • Liberty55 By  Liberty55    

    Soda Stream is a HIT with Our Family!

    We have owned several Soda Streams, and we keep buying more (as our kids and grandkids always talk us into letting them take ours home with them. Soda streams are a great alternative to buying expensive bottled "sparkling" waters, and sodas. Add just the amount of flavor and carbonation to fit your tastes. Refills are available online and at lots of retail establishment. I think it looks nice sitting on my kitchen counter, so I leave it out all the time.

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  • sabrina95 By  sabrina95    


    I love this! I do not like giving my kids soda due to unhealthy ingredients, this is so much more healthy! I definitely recommend as a gift!

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  • emimorgan By  emimorgan    

    Great to have for seltzer lovers

    My husband goes through so much seltzer, I love having the SodaStream to reduce the number of cans we go through! 4 of 5 stars because sometimes I spill all over.

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  • didama By  didama    

    LOVE my Soda Stream!

    I LOVE my Soda Stream! We drink a lot of seltzer in my house but really don't like the potential impact of all of the cans and bottles that have to be recycled. The Soda Stream makes great tasting seltzer (and you can add your own flavors) plus it does not create all of the waste that bottles or canned seltzer does.

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  • FrenchieExpat By  FrenchieExpat    

    We love our Soda Stream! It's a super easy way to make sodas without having all the sugar in it for my kids,we just mix a little bit of juice with some "bubble water" My only concern now it that's the "syrup" you mix in the water are not easy to find in my area

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  • embracespectrum By  embracespectrum    

    We got the Soda Stream at the store with the promise of making our own soda for cheaper than or at cost of sodas at the store. My husband is Diet Coke addict and I'm hoping this will save us some money. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, which is nice, so that's a good benefit. At first Walmart offered a good deal on trading in the refill cartridges, so we did that. The machin. e is easy to use, provides good carbonation, and we're pretty satisfied with the flavor of the soda. It does not taste the same as the Diet Coke my husband loves so much, but he accepts it as a substitute most of the time. Overall, we're pretty satisfied with the product

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  • MinnesotaMama By  MinnesotaMama    

    Sodastream offers the convenience of carbonating water and soda at home. My family really likes the essence available for adding to carbonated water. The soda is delicious as well and typically less calories than regular soda. The only downfall is that the refill carbonation canisters can be somewhat difficult to refill.

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  • c_mazahir By  c_mazahir    

    Buying this Sodastream fountain is a good deal if you just like sparkling water. Buying club soda at the store is not cheap, and the bottles lose their fizz if you don't consume the whole thing in one day after opening. The Soda Stream bottles do a good job of holding fizz even over a few days.We mostly use ours for plain water and add a squeeze of lemon or lime after adding the fizz. I am not super impressed with their soda flavorings.The whole device is little more than plastic housing for a CO2 tank. Be careful snapping it together because I could definitely see the plastic cracking if you are careless. Once together though, it's easy to use. Requires no plug in and it's pretty streamlined to take up little room on the counter. Wipes clean and looks OK on the counter.

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