Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

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Perfect Candy Bar Combination I just tried Snickers peanut butter squared and loved it! It's the perfect pairing - chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter.

Delicious!! This is the best thing Snickers has ever done! I love peanut butter and snickers and this is the best combination ever!

Peanut Buttet Snickers These are my husbands favorite. We always have them in our house. Delicious.

Not your regular Snickers I'm on the fence... I love regular Snickers. I can only eat these in small doses because the flavor is intense.

I love chocolate and snicker bite size candy is perfect for portion control.

Love these! These are a perfect combination of Snickers and Reese's! And I love the small square size. Much easier to share with all of your family and friends.

Good! I have a big sweet tooth so I love candy. This combo is pretty good, but I prefer original Snickers.

Peanut Butter Goodness I love Snickers & I love peanut butter...that this is a match made in heaven for me!! Yum!

Can't get enough of them This has to be my favorite candy. I don't know what about it makes me addicted to it. Every time I go to a gas station, I always buy a king size bar. When I grocery shopping, I buy a bag of the share size ones.

Peanut butter snickers is a step up. This is my favorite one in the multiple packs.

Amazing! By far my favorite Snickers bar flavor!! It isn't too "peanut buttery" & it is not too rich. Delicious!!

a great combination for peanut butter and snickers to cross paths. very rich and decadent in flavor

Too much peanut butter These have too much peanut butter for me. Great texture and great size. Detracts some what from snickers I think.

Yummy in my tummy I love chocolate and i love peanut butter!! No better way than to make put them together in a snickers bar!! These are great if you love all 3 of these.

Yum! I am a peanut butter fanatic so having snickers and peanut butter together was just a home run! Definitely my go to snack!