Snickers Candy Bar

Snickers Candy Bar

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Good for what it is. Good. I'm a really big fan of the caramel and nuts bit. I wish there was a dark chocolate. Or even a better quality milk chocolate. It tastes so cheap.

best candy bar My favorite candy bar for years. I like the peanuts. An American classic.

Fills Me Up Awesome flavors that are paired together here. When it says this fills you up. It is correct in my case. This bar does fill me up. I just love the different textures and tastes of this bar.

Snickers is my favorite candy bar! I could eat them all day everyday!

Favorite candy bar Old favorite!! Great chocolatey taste with nuts and chocolate satisfying! Love this old favorite!! Love for a great in between snack. It is great tasting chocolate bar and definitely one of my all time favorites!

Yummy This was my favorite of all time. I love the chocolate and the taste of the nuts and the creaminess the Snickers has.

Very unhealthy Nothing about good here. Check ingredients list and you find artificial flavorings, hydrogenated soybean oil, GMO nuts, corn syrup and such. It's dangerously unhealthy.

One of my favorite candies One of the best chocolate candies out there. It used to be my favorite when I was a little girl. It still is but not my number one.

This by far my husbands favorite candy bar. I think they are great also but I have so many I like. He has diabetes now and can only splurge evey once in a while. Wish they could make something so good sugar free!

Yummy, chocolaty nougat!!! Satisfies my late night chocolate cravings perfectly! I love the perfect combination of chocolate, peanuts and nougat goodness in each layer! I like to keep both the full-size and bite-size bars available for whatever mood I am in!

BEST CHOCOLATE AROUND Its one of the best chocolates ever to exist. It has the correct amount of chocolate and peanuts which makes it one of a kind.

One of a kind! Love the nougat, caramel, peanuts and chocolate in a Snickers bar. It is an unmistakeable taste that I never get tired of.