Snapple Half & Half

Snapple Half & Half

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Tastes so Refeshing This is one of my absolute favorite Snapple drinks! It's so refreshing and perfectly sweet without being too sweet! You get the slight taste of an iced tea and the sweet lemony taste of the lemonade! 10/10 for me!

Summer in a bottle Snapple half-and-half as one of my favorite Snapple drinks there's nothing better than combining lemonade with ice tea.And I find that the Snapple version of the half-and-half has a lot milder aftertaste than that of some other brands.

I love the flavor of this tea and i love that they have plastic bottle now so i don't have to worry about them breaking

Very refreshing For me, Snapple drinks are very refreshing and delicious. Especially the half and half.

Not my thing It's not my kind of drink but it still managed to be mighty tasty so it won in my book.

It doesn't get my vote Don't get me wrong I have always loved Snapple but honestly this half and half is not my cup of tea. It tastes like they couldn't make up their mind on what they wanted to put in the bottle so they mixed them.

Delicious I love it it is so refreshing and has the perfect mix not too sweet yet still delicious. My favorite tea to have at home or on the go.

Yum One of my favorite drinks. The perfect mix, not to sweet or too dry. It's so hydrating and delicious.

Refreshing So good and refreshing. Especially in the Summer. Goes down smooth on a hot day.

Thirst quencher! This has just the right amount of sweetness to it, very refreshing. The perfect summer drink!

Really good and refreshing. Not to sweet just right.

Light and refreshing. Not too much sugar. I love all the different flavors.

I used to see all kinds of Snapple commercials on TV! They made me want to try it! Finally I did! Haven't regretted it since! Delicious and nutritious!

wasnt what i first i didnt think i was gonna like it...then when i bought one...i fell inlove... i love snapple

I don't usually like regular iced tea so this was a bit of an outside the box test for me. I really enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Bravo Lipton for finding a refreshing balance!