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  • jamie059 By  jamie059    

    All I can say is this is absolutely YUMMY! I want to put it on everything.

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  • lilith By  lilith    


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  • vsmith8877 By  vsmith8877    

    OMG this is awesome, my kids and husband love it. My husband puts in on top of crushed graham cracker pie crust and cool good.

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    This is absolutely delicious with apples!

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  • msofty68 By  msofty68    

    Love it on my sundae!!

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  • SoccerBaby2 By  SoccerBaby2    

    This limited edition sundae topping is delicious! It has real pieces of apple in it, and is great when heated up, or when eaten right out of the container. I highly recommend this product.

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