Smashbox  Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

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best primer for me! isn't oily and leaves my makeup on for hours with flawless finish.

I bought it because it seemed to be a "must have" as suggested by most makeup artists however there's just something about it that I didn't quite like.Silicone maybe? I actually prefer the oil free version to this one.

I have tried several primers (BareMinerals, Benefit, Tarte, etc...) and I like the lightness of Smashbox. You don't need to use much and my foundation looks great and stays all day. It blurred by pores and really made my face flawless.

I love it. However it is not good for people with sensitive skin.

Ok so as a makeup artist I have a bit of good and bad to say about this product. Firstly if you have sensitive skin or known allergy to silicone, I recommend staying away from this product. I've seen quite a few people break out from this which is why I no longer keep it in my kit. Secondly, for those who's skin can tolerate this product, a little goes a long way! A pea size amount will do, so this product will last a good amount of time. Also for those who can use this product, it goes on beautifully under foundation, it really smooths out the skin leaving a perfect canvas for your foundation. I also recommend using your sanitized fingers for method if application, brushes do not blend into your skin well. For those who cannot use this product, bare minerals had a silicone and oil free primer and works the same.

This is great stuff. It helps your foundation go on smoothly. It kind of acts like a filler so that you're starting out with a nice smooth palette when applying your makeup. You do not need a ton though. Just a drop or so will spread evenly and be enough to give you just that base coat.

Love this, but if you use too much, your foundation will cake up on it.

This product does make skin feels smoother; however, it has too much silicon in it (which I don't actually like). This primer doesn't irritate my skin (I have very dry skin) but does irritant my friend's skin (she has sensitive skin). I would not recommend this product to someone who has sensitive skin.

Makes my face feel a little sticky, but overall my makeup went on smooth once I applied it.

I love this stuff. You don't have to use alot. It's really lightweight and doesn't bother my skin.

This primer makes my face look so smooth! It makes my foundation to go so easy when applying it and to stay even longer. It feels kinda waxy but it is non greasy and dries up really fast.

To me, this goes on with too slick a texture. No matter how little I used, it seemed like too much and didn't do much for my skin. Evened my tone well and did help with all day wear.

I have a very oily complexion and acne prone skin. I apply makeup in the morning and have to re-apply several times during the day because my skin just swallows it and few hours later I look a mess. Since using the Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer my makeup lasts ALL day and it gives me a smooth looking complexion and helps me cover my acne scars and active acne almost completely... No other primer had done this before! I have found something I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

I had received a sample of this when I had ordered some other items. I turned around and bought the full size because I liked it so much. It makes my skin feel great and keeps it from being so shiny throughout the day. It is oil-free so it should work for any skin type. It is the best face primer I have found.

Love, love, LOVE Smashbox photo finish primer. It is a must in any makeup lovers beauty bag. From the beginner to the expert makeup artist the staying power it gives your foundation or powder is just great. This primer gose on smooth leaving the skin silky. Makeup gose on with out any fakes or settling into fine lines. Smashbox has a light version as well as color correcting shades. Something for everyone to love!