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  • ladyfly521 By  ladyfly521    


    I have become a huge fan of smashbox and this eyeshade trio is one of the reasons. I love how the color glides smoothly on your lids and it last all day.

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  • obriensam By  obriensam    

    I love these trio's. They're creamy and blend-able with amazing pigment. Also love that the three colors always compliment each other

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  • Nrae28 By  Nrae28    

    I have the Smashbox trio in Filter and it is just the perfect trio for an everyday look and I absolutely love it. I use this eye shadow all the time and it's just so convenient and last for a good amount of time.

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  • TtBean By  TtBean    

    Love the trios. They're a trio of complimentary colors and I have about 4 different pots. They're awesome. Smashbox eyeshadow is one of the best lines. The pigment is strong and the texture is silky. It's long wearing, but will last even longer with an eyeshadow primer on. These are a great investment.

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  • belle2425 By  belle2425    

    I love these trios. Smashbox is one of my favorite companies with great quality products. The trios are easy to travel with and great for everyday use. They stay on all day.

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  • proudmommy31407 By  proudmommy31407    

    Great complimentary shades!! Start the day out with 1 or 2 of the colors for a simple yet stunning look. Then add the darker color in your crease at night for a show stopping look !! All in all, this is a great eyeshadow! Don't worry if you don't have the $ for this, bc there are cheaper brands which can give you almost the same effect. But I do LOVE my Smashbox whenever I can afford it!! :)

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  • ibahowell By  ibahowell    

    I have a couple eyeshadow trios and they are all great color combinations. They stay in place great with the smashbox primer. Even without primer they stay, but primer makes these colors pop!

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  • allybaby1285 By  allybaby1285    

    love the brand and the make up

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  • Lashestolashes By  Lashestolashes    

    Although Smashbox tends to be expensive, spend the money!!! I promise its worth every penny and you won't be disappointed. The all day coverage actually will save you time and money. No need to reapply your shadow throughout the day which means less time less product, less waste. Smashbox Eye Shadow Trios are highly pigmented, and mineral based. I love every palette in this line, and the sexy shimmer in the shadow makes your look pop!

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  • sakhia16 By  sakhia16    

    love the colors and how natural it makes my eyes look

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  • lvetude By  lvetude    

    Palettes are all the rage but these gems are the easy is it to coordinate a look...Smashbox provides 3 coordinating colors to create day to night looks. I recently purchased a giftset that included one of these shadows and I loved them I use them for work every other day or so. I will definitely be buying more... :)

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  • cgreviews By  cgreviews    

    I really like this eyeshadow. It's pigmented nicely and stays put with primer. The colors are beautiful and I like the variety int the trios.

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  • felicia1960 By  felicia1960    

    love smashbox eyeshadows I think i have 8 or10

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  • conpeps By  conpeps    

    Love Smashbox the eye shadows last and colors are vibrant.

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  • pokergirl By  pokergirl    

    I really like this eyeshadow. It makes for a very dramatic look. Lasts a long time too.

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