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  • eac62387 By  eac62387    

    Great Flavor!

    This popcorn is amazing! The flavor is so addictive and the perfect snack!

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  • Sassy-Sparkles By  Sassy-Sparkles    

    Must Have for Families!

    In our family, this popcorn is always in our pantry. We bring it everywhere as a snack (because parents know that kids are ALWAYS hungry ;)). This snack is also gone in two days because it is a family favorite!

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Popcorn Splurge

    This is by far one of my favorite products. I don't eat chips and that sort of thing too often but if I see these I'll grab them if I'm in the mood. It's really cheesy, sweet and crunchy. My daughter even loves them and if she sees them on the snack table with 10 other good snacks, she'll ask for this one.

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  • hunnydu By  hunnydu    

    Love it

    I love Smartfood Popcorn. The taste is very light but flavorful. You have to becareful because it is a little salty, but it is sooo good!

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  • jenni104 By  jenni104    

    Love it

    This popcorn is GREAT. We've been eating it since it first appeared in our stores here, but it also getting smaller and smaller amount wise over the years in the individual bags, and while the calorie count is down it is due to the amount you get becoming less and less If they keep shrinking the amount in the bags I think that will break our addiction to it pretty easily with the cost going up on it also

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  • Sydneytaylor8 By  Sydneytaylor8    

    Too good for my own good!!!

    I could eat a whole bag at once, but I force myself to eat it in portions!! This stuff is SO good!! It?s great to snack on, take to the beach, on road trips, the list goes on!! If you?re looking for a go to cheesy popcorn I would most definitely recommend this. Yum!

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  • ctamalisa By  ctamalisa    

    my favorite snack

    a great pass time snack pleasing and tastes great. very affordable with varies sizes for your preferences. pairs great with a sandwich

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  • sexysmart1 By  sexysmart1    

    the BEST!

    This is the BEST popped corn!!! I can't keep bags in the soon as they come in, they're gone!!!

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  • bobbiejop By  bobbiejop    

    Mouth watering

    I enjoy this popcorn very much its always fresh and crunchy. The cheese flavor is unmatched by anyone. Each kernel has a perfect amount of cheese flavor. Its a delicious snack that you can enjoy on the go and will fill you up with not many calories

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  • Nellygirl07 By  Nellygirl07    

    Just came across this item. Great snack. My kids love them.

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  • ChelseaBrown By  ChelseaBrown    


    Yum! So good. Healthy snack. They make your fingers a little messy but the best foods always do.

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  • PburgmomsalesMM By  PburgmomsalesMM    

    Love these!! Great taste and good value. My favorite by far.

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  • mduteau By  mduteau    

    This is my favorite popcorn. I love the white cheddar flavor. It's just the right amount.

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  • jennybenny By  jennybenny    

    I love this popcorn. The white cheddar is so good. I love to give it to my kids too because it's healthier and less messy than a lot of other snacks.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    This stuff is addicting! Once you open the bag you can't stop. It is a great snack and better for you than chips.

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