Smart-Trike  4-in-1 Spirit Tricycle

Smart-Trike 4-in-1 Spirit Tricycle

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Love it i totally recommend Well it is a best replacement for a stroller .My son when he was 2 yrs old always wanted to push it with his feets by himself. It is great to take to the park or just to go out for a walk. I also love it because it has his shade to protect him from the sun

Love it! My son loves this! He loves that I can push him while he's still young right now and can't ride the bike himself. He likes he can keep up with his older siblings! This is great for trainee for riding a bike.

Eh It's a nice replacement for a stroller for short distances/walks. Helps little one learn how to ride a bike which is nice. Very simple to put together. It does lack storage and parent tray like a stroller has which sucks. Not the easiest to turn.

Great for children who are starting to take an interest in bikes.

Makes for fun family walks We got this for my daughter for her first bday and she loves it. She loves the outdoors and with the Smart-Trike 4-in-1 Spirit Tricycle it grows with her and it has the safety features I was looking for. Great buuy

I have kind of a love hate relationship with this trike, sometimes when we use it we absolutely love it, other times not so much. Pro's: It's small and compact great for our camper and taking on trips. It's more interactive than just sitting in a stroller and a toddler that can't yet use it on their own seems to like the view a little better. Lots of storage! Adjustable shade. Grows with your child. Con's: The pedals don't quite lock all the way and spin to the point where my toddler can kick them which suddenly jerks the bike in that direction. The steering is very difficult to lock and unlock. Ultimately the pro's outweigh the con's we do enjoy using it, most if the time, and look forward to seeing how it functions as a trike on it's own. I think the smart trikes are worth buying solely based on the fact that they will grow with your child and give you many years of use from one toy, not many childrens toys do that.

I like thisfor short walks. I used this as a replacement for a stroller but when I went for a 6 mile walk, you could feel the heat coming off the tires from the constant use.

This 4-in -1 trike is the prefect replacement for a stroller and gets you on the way to teaching your little one how to ride It took me only 13 minutes and 28 seconds to put our SmarTrike Spirit together , the only tool require was a Phillips screw driver. It's built to last and because of the configuration options we will be using for a long time. easily until he is 3 years or older. It is also easy to steer, as easy as using a stroller. They call it one hand touch steering design, and I can use only one hand to steer. This has replaced my stroller.