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Slim-Fast Products

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High Protein Meal Replacement Mix SlimFast Advance Nutrition High Protein Meal Replacement Smoothie Mix Vanilla Flavor. This product is great. I have tried Thrive, Herbal Life, Shakeology and 310Nutrition shakes. I have found that this is the cheapest shake that actually taste good. It is high in protein and not overly high in carbs/sugars. It also has some vitamins in it as well. This shake kept me just as full as the higher priced shakes. I typically have a shake for breakfast and about 4-5 hours later have lunch. It has worked as a great breakfast replacement meal for me. I also have always used this in milk or lactose free milk. It says you can use it with water, but am not sure how that would taste. I normally use it in a blender with other items such as frozen fruit, yogurt, spinach and hard-boiled egg(you can't taste the egg), but I have also just used it with just milk in a regular glass/cup and mixed it with a spoon. Blending it is best, as it gets all the chunks/lumps out. I have also tried the chocolate flavor of this and I did not care for it as it tasted more like the chocolate used for baking and not nearly as tasty. So if you are on a budget and/or just starting to try meal replacement shakes I would highly recommend this.

Good product I like the taste of most of the SlimFast products. I like the shakes the best. As a diabetic trying to lose weight, these products have too many carbs for me. If they came in low carbs that would be great.

Good shake I tried the chocolate protein smoothie shake and it was pretty good. I mixed it with milk and it mixed very good there was no clumps left after. The shake did not leave an after taste in my mouth and it was very smooth. It was also not too thin.

I enjoy the taste of all their products i currently drink the shakes and it helps me stay fuller longer and has helped me shed those little pounds I have been wanting.

The taste is great as long as they are really cold. I am type 1 diabetic with hypoglycemia unawareness and these are great to drink at night to keep my blood sugars stable while I sleep. They have just the right amount of carb to protien ratio.

The bars and drinks are not great tasting at all. Although, if the drinks are very very cold the taste isn't as bad (but still not great).

Had a very bad taste am a very bad aftertaste like chalk or something just gross

Some of their shakes are tasty. I lost a lot of weight with them before but it was a quick fix and before I knew it I gained the weight plus more. Right now I am just doing things the right way! :] No restrictions or punishments and torture. lol... eat in moderation and I at least walk 30 minutes a day. I log what I eat now as well most days.

I've been using slim-fast products for about a year and I can say that so far I'm very confident about my results. I've lost 10 kg and also I like the taste. Definitely will use it this year also.

I've been on and off of Slim-fast for the past couple of years. Because I have anemic symptoms when that time of the month comes, I drink it along with an iron-rich snack as a pick-me-up. The flavor has changed over the years, and now it would just leave a bad after-taste in my mouth which I don't want. I have now discovered better drinks than this.

I do think Slim-fast shakes taste far better than they did years ago but there is no way I could substitute them for a meal since I'm hungry an hour after I have one. They're convenient when you're on-the-run but I do wish the sugar content was lower. I don't want artificial sweeteners; however, I do feel like they could cut the sugar in the shakes by 1/2 or 1/3 and still have a tasty product.

I like the taste of Slim Fast shakes. They don't help me feel full though like they are advertised to do. They are really good for me when I just want a little something instead of eating cookies or candy.

I once bought a 12-pack of their drinks, and although I liked the taste, I didn't feel that the drinks really curved my appetite. I still was attracted to food like before. The only plus - taste and convenience. I didn;t find it effective, and also it seemed that it contained a lot of artificial ingredients.

I like the shakes. They taste great, and are good on the go.

I really like slim-fast