Sleepy Wrap  Baby Carrier

Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier

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We love our Sleepy Wrap. It's comfortable for both baby and parent. I feel that our baby is completely safe & secure. I did not get this feeling when using a backpack/front pack style of carrier. I prefer the wrap. I understand "Maxsanders" complaint regarding the material flaw. Mine too upon opening the package had a slight flaw on the edge of the material - the manufacturer is excellent to work with and they quickly sent out a replacement. We began using the Sleepy Wrap since our child was a newborn and now at 10 months it is still as useful. We go on walks and he is ALWAYS is lulled to sleep. Our son is a happy child and not fussy - I partly credit baby wearing for this.

I love my Sleepy Wrap! With lots of littles it really was a lifesaver, allowing me to go to stores with room in the cart to spare. It's also priced far more reasonably than the other similar wraps. I was horribly sad to see a tiny hole in the fabric, the kind of hole not caused not by wear and tear but a flaw in the fabric. This after sporadic used for one child! However, I do love it and intend to use it with my little one that's due on Feb.

I have two sleepy wraps. I started babywearing with my first child and tried buying my own fabric (since it's supposed to be as easy as that!). However, there was always something not quite right -- mostly not enough stretch, but I didn't know enough about cloth to know what would be better. When I had my second, I bought the first sleepy wrap and loved it so much, I bought a second (much to my husband's chagrin!). The stretch is just right and the fabric so comfy and soft. We both loved loved loved it. It was the best solution to having to take care of 2 children under the age of 2 at the same time. I could wear her and cook/feed/play with the other while she dozed behind me, I could manage bringing everyone down to the car (we lived on the 3rd floor, no elevators) and back up from the car with groceries, all at the same time. The only thing I wished different about the sleepy wrap was that it was less warm. In the summer, I would have to wear as little as possible underneath (and still be decent), and then I would still be slightly warm. It was something I was very willing to live with, however, for all the convenience and comfort it allowed all of us.

I love my Sleepy Wrap. It is a little confusing to use at first but once you figure it out it is so easy. It is very comfortable for you to wear and the baby almost always falls asleep.

I am an avid babywearer. From the moment I had my first child I decided I wanted her close to me always. I never even bought one of those infant car seats that you carry I preferred the convertible carseat and carrying my baby. So I started with a soft structured carrier. I always wanted to try a wrap but was very skeptical about whether I could do it or not. I was nervous about if I could figure out the right way to tie it, how safe it would be etc. Now that I have had second child I am still as devoted to baby wearing as ever if not more so. Now I am chasing after a two year old and it is so much easier to babywear rather then use a stroller when you have more then one to look after. Why babywearing? I can provide you with link after link and study after study of all the benefits of babywearing? The more I looked into it the more I wanted to try different carriers. I have finally decided to try a wrap and that is where the Sleepy Wrap came in. It is fantastic. The material is so soft and stretchy. My friend showed me how to put it on and after one time trying I put it on and it was so simple I don't know why I was so intimidated before. My son is safe and snug and absolutely loves his Sleepy Wrap. So for a fraction of the cost of a soft structured carrier I have an amazing wrap. Which is now my go to baby carrier, I absolutely love how versatile it is. I am honestly just so upset that I didn't try it earlier.