Skintersection Intense Repair Cream

Skintersection Intense Repair Cream

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This is a great remedy for dry and even cracking skin. The consistency is very smooth and it works wonderfully. The best part is that it works for the entire body and though a little pricey, you truly get what you pay for.

great product no scent

Good sense buy!!

I love this stuff! I got it in my cravebox and I thought it was a little too heavy and didn't think I would use it. However I had really dry hands and decided to try it out. It worked so well!

This was a CraveBox item that i Love!!

I didn't know when I would use this product, I keep moisturizing products with me at all times and don't tend to get cracked and dry. I put a new blade in my razor and have been getting razor burn on my legs that itches and burns. My regular moisturizers and oils did nothing to alleviate this so I tried this product and voila! no more razor burn.

I received this from Cravebox, I do like it but I don't think i would buy it, a bit to pricey for me. I'm glad there's no scent and It's not greasy at all. It does the job in a way. My hands are still dry so i have to reapply 2 or 3 times. I still have some left just using it sparingly.

This stuff is AMAZING! I'm addicted to lotion and chapstick, in the desert dry skin is definitely an issue. The intense repair cream is great for hands, elbows, knees and feet. I wouldn't recommend using this all over just because it's not a very big container but a plus is that it's not scented and doesn't make you feel slimy/slippery like some lower quality lotions.

Love it! I am dreading when the container goes dry! I hope to find somewhere local that carries it!! Great product that leaves out the unnecessary chemicals. Great lotion!

I had never heard of or seen this product before. My skin dries and cracks very easily in the winter and even in the summer I need a good lotion. I've tried many and have some good ones in rotation, but am always looking to branch out. Who knows...the holy grail of lotion may be just around the corner. Anyway, this is a great product--it did wondrous things for my feet and I've held some product in reserve to use in the winter. I'm betting it'll be a keeper and make my greatest hits list for lotions. Would recommend and would absolutely buy this product in the future.

I really liked this product and it worked miracles on my dry feet.

Quickly goes to the top of the list for skin care!! I have rough heels and feet during the summer. Too much time barefoot, at the beach or in flip flops. I found this cream non-greasy and perfect for my feet. I put it on my heels each night and within a week the skin was soft again. I used it on my elbows and then I tried to find other uses for it. It is good for hands and I can't wait to try it this summer when my hands take a beating in the cold weather. By far, my favorite and most useful Cravebox item so far!!

I had never heard of this product before and now I'm in love. I think I will always have some on hand now.

LOVED this! I have super dry skin and this really helped without making my skin feel greasy! Was quickly absorbed, and had a nice smell and feel! My skin felt hydrated and moisturized after I used this cream!

love this cream!! i used it on my feet overnight and it was wonderful. i use it daily on my hands and elbows, a great new staple product in my skincare routine.