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  • lindahusker By  lindahusker    

    I was very disappointed in this, it is not good tasting at all. I still have it, but only because I keep forgetting to throw it away, as I wouldn't even give it away!

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  • Futuredoctormom By  Futuredoctormom    

    The taste is awful, I would equate it to drinking glass cleaner

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  • princess51 By  princess51    

    well can taste the sugar subsitute, has an after taste that is not pleasant. would not purchase again.

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  • honestlyaveri By  honestlyaveri    

    This is way too strong and doesn't have a nice taste to make up for it.

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  • Brittharr91 By  Brittharr91    

    I tried this once and hated it, it's not sweet at all. Ick

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  • surfsupNow By  surfsupNow    

    I was excited to be part of the BzzAgent campaign for the Skinny Girl line. I've been wanting to try this product for a while & the bzz campaign mail in rebate along with a sale at the liquor store gave me the nudge to purchase the Margarita & the Pina Colada. It was far to strong & just off, for my taste. I shared both at a luncheon as well as at a dinner party and the overwhelming consensus was that it all tasted like rot gut - yes, that bad - obviously I was very disappointed.

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